Gold Coast Hash Privacy Policy

Important Notice

“Hashing is an activity that involves running or walking in areas that may include bushland, state forest, national parks, nature reserves, waterways including culverts and drains, road crossings including underpasses and bridges.
The runs are set in the evening so you will be running/walking in the dark at most times. Many areas are poorly lit.
Given the above, it is your responsibility to be adequately prepared,  including proper running/walking shoes, appropriate clothing, and a good quality torch.
You are also advised to carry a phone and have other hashers’ contact numbers stored. You should also satisfy yourself that you have the physical fitness to undertake hashing activities.
Hashing happens every Monday night come rain. hail or shine so it is your responsibility to be prepared for all conditions. On on and happy hashing”

Gold Coast Hash House Harriers Privacy Policy

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