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Splinter Hash

The Fine Dining Hash….Epulo et Crapula Maximus
Epulo : Sumptuous Food, Banquet, Feast
Et: And
Crapula: Drinking, Intoxicating, Drunkenness
Maximus: Large, Great, Important

Splinter Hash was officially formed on Monday 30th September 2002 at Rabbit’s Entertainment Centre. It was then moved to the last Friday of each every Month, from then on.

No running involved with this Hash. Just good Food & Wine, Great Company and a bit of Eye Candy desirable.

The Fine dining Hash meets normally on the last Friday of the Month. ( * Conditions Apply ) We prefer to go to a BYO Restaurant to partake in reasonably priced gourmet food and a bottle or two of fine wine of our own choosing. Locations: Within easy access of public transport especially the light rail.
* In the event of a Public Holiday etc falling on the last Friday of the Month, the Hierarchy will select an alternate Friday either side to avoid “ Public Holiday surcharges.

Splinter Hash Hostline

Friday 31st January 2020Sir Botcho's Golf Day & Lunch. Play nine holes or just come to lunchSir Botcho's Golf Club 26 Chip In Place Helensvale
Friday 29th February 2020Sir RabbitCav's Steak House, Frank Street Labrador
Friday March 27th 2020Host Needed
Friday April 24th 2020Host Needed
Friday 29th May 2020Host needed
Friday 26th June 2020Host needed
Friday 31st July 2020Host needed
Friday 28th August 2020Host needed
Friday 25th September 2020Birthday Boys, Sir Rabbit, Sir Botcho and Pizza
Friday 30th October 2020Host needed
Friday 27th November 2020Host needed

Splinter Hash Next Lunch Details

Date:Friday 31st January 2020
Venue:Botcho's Golf Club... 26 Chip In Place Helensvale
Golf Tee OffGolf Tee Off: 8:30am
LunchPre lunch Drinks 12noon. Lunch 12:30ish
BYOBYO Wine and Beer
CostGolf: $12.50
Lunch: $25 approx
Lunch Host Ferrett

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