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Gold Coast Hash House Harriers
"The Gourmet Hash"
Established 1978

The Gold Coast Hash is a mens only Hash ( but we do have ladies visit us from time to time).  We run  every Monday night , wet or fine starting at 6:15pm.
So why not put us on the calendar, and join us for a run when you are visit the Sunny Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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GCH3 Commonwealth Games Event

Join your Hash mates at this Event…

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AGPU Monday 30th April. Get your nominations in

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Run Location

This Weeks Run Location Details

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Receding Hare Line

Check here Hashers! You maybe the Hare next week

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Splinter Hash

The fine Dining Hash, partake in a few Red Wines, Fine Food and good company on the last Friday of each month

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Runs I have done

Your Run Tally…runs that you have completed with The Gold Coast Hash House Harriers

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All contact details here for your Hashing Mates…password required

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Run Pictures

Links to all Run Pictures, are  here.

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Our Archives

All about The Gold Coast Hash

Year Books and more

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Every Picture tells a Story

Maybe of Interest. Pictures, videos etc

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Event Calendar

Coming Hash Runs here and overseas

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Hierarchy 2016 - 17

Show these Hashers Respect…or the ice will appear

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World Wide Hash Links

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