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Run 2204...Monday
27th January 2020
HareBlue card
Early Start Start 5:00pm
Location24-26 Ben Lomond Drive Highland Park
BringPlate, Knife, Fork, Torch and a sense of humour
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Date Run Hare Theme
February 3 20202205Brewtus
February 10 20202206Ballpoint
February 17 20202207Ball Bags
February 24 20202208Magician
March 2 20202209Exelpet
March 9 20202210Sir Rabbit & Sir Jo
March 16 20202211Poxy
March 23 20202212Miscarriage
March 30 20202213Weekly
April 6 20202214Bent Banana
April 13 20202215Latrine
April 20 20202216Swindler
April 27 20202217Now Loved
May 4 20202218Wrongway
May 11 20202219HierarchyGCH3 Agpu
May 18 20202220HierarchyGCH3 Memorial Run
May 25 20202221Fanny Charmer
June 1 20202222Ballpoint
June 8 20202223Hal Al
June 15 20202224VD
June 22 20202225Sir Prince Valiant
June 29 20202226Kwakka
July 6 20202227Phantom
July 13 20202228Ballpoint
Jul 20 20202229Iceman
Jul 27 20202230Arsenic & Pepe le Pew
August 3 20202231Missing Link
August 10 20202232Aussie
August 17 20202233Brengun
August 24 20202234Swollen Colon
August 31 20202235Foxtrot Oscar
September 7 20202236Sir Ferrett
September 14 20202237Jigsaw
September 21 20202238Sir BotchoBirthday Boy
September 28 20202239Nasty
October 5 20202240
October 12 20202241
October 19 20202242Sir Two DogsV8 Handicap
October 26 20202243Kitchen Bitch

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