Sore joints, Osteo Arthritis? Try Iceman’s secret fix.

Sore joints, Osteo Arthritis? Try Iceman’s secret fix.


The story so far:

June 2016:  I developed a very sore knee and found walking and staircases painful

July 2016:  my quack, an ex-jogger, studied the MRI and said “Brian you’re running days are over”. He mentioned one thing I could try called PRP Injection which I had mid-month.

Mid-September: I started jogging and by month’s end was back doing 10-15kms a week.

Fast-forward to November: I continue to jog regularly, work-out in the gym and do a ‘High Intensity Interval Training session with the 30-40 year olds once a week with absolutely no side effects ‘- except exhaustionJ.


PRP Process for OA Treatment by Brian Keen aka Iceman 29th November 2016

Essential videos and references.


  1. About PRP
  1. About the Placebo Effect
  1. Read ‘Cure – a journey into the science of mind over body’ by Jo Marchant, a very credible best seller which has many eye-opening stories about the effectiveness of the Placebo Effect.

The Operation and Post Op Process

The process I followed so successfully was based on several component parts essentially:

1 A savvy GP who will refer you for an initial x-ray and MRI, and subsequently refer you to a qualified doctor who will administer the painless PRP injection process.

It takes only 40 minutes in all, mostly sitting waiting. Mine done at was at Gold Coast Radiology in Santa Barbara.

  1. A personal attitude and belief in the cure process, acknowledging the power of the Placebo Effect
  2. Treatment and exercise regime designed by a very positive-thinking and PRP savvy sports physio. Mine is Damon Voss who I totally recommend and who could suggest an appropriate GP in adjacent rooms in the Mater Health Centre . Note that not all GPs recognise the benefits or are supportive of this process – but it’s definitely not quackery! In fact the usual medical and big pharma prejudices and influences are hard at work here… there’s no medication nor medical intervention, so no drug sales for big pharma, nothing in in for the medicos.
  3. Simple daily Meditation.

I have a business mentor and mindset coach who has designed a simple daily routine I follow which involves:

  1. Meditation visualising a treatment of my knee, and imagining myself jogging in full flight as I did when I was 30.
  2. When I take medication or do exercise imagining a ’placebo’ type association with a tune for my remedial work which I play at the time. In my case as a jogger it’s ‘Chariots of Fire’ by Vangelis. (This process, and similar ones to it are described several times in ‘Cure’ at about 20% of the way through it.)


Damon Voss Sports Physio

Mater Health Centre

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