Run: 1735
Hare: Miscarriage & Jigsaw
Location: Emerald Lakes, Carrara
Date: 31st January 2011

The site of the very first GCHHH run was the location for the run from this dynamic duo, the reputations were varied with this pair of hares. Miscarriage had dished up some “interesting noshes” along the way. Jigsaw has been “Chef extraordinaire” and the runs have been questionable too.

So the pack of 30 odd Hashers gathered with fear and trepidation to what lay ahead.
On On into the parklands around Emerald Lakes and the 9 Kilometres of walking/riding tracks around the wonderful lakes.

WRONG !!!!
It appears you cannot set a run from your car along the tracks ….. so the roads won the day!!
A massive on back up the highest hill proves the warped humour of hare Miscarriage and scant markings in front of swampy areas saw numerous soggy joggers and socks for the unwary.

Back to the nosh and huge expectations ………. WRONG AGAIN .. serve yourself bred rolls are the order of the day and Jigsaw has officially retired from the Michelin 4 hats guild.
Cold beers, good humour and lies follow prior to Flasher’s call…….

2 Minutes to circle !!!!
30 Seconds to circle!!!
8.20 PM ….. Circle up you lot!!!!
Shat is first up … talking in circle and gives a lame apology to GM Flasher, gets out of a DD.

Flasher bids a “good evening all” …. “If you didn’t attend Australia day … you missed out !!!!”

HARES ……. Jigsaw and Miscarriage.

NOSH REPORT…… from Sir Slabb …. not bad!!!
Show Pony …. NO SALT ?????
Josephine …. Where is the change from my $15 ??????????

Aussie …. Bulrushes, slush, leaches, up to my knees in slop … great run.
Josephine …. Climbed under the gate at the same time as Cumsmoke went OVER the gate …. seems Cumsmoke was in such a rush he forgot the undies. Josephine now has a greater respect for our illustrious R/A.

Rob …. been away for 5 years but now back for good.
Rainbow …. Been in Tassie hosting travelling GCHHH Hashers.
Blowfly …. Down helping Maggs put a new roof on … wedding photos still coming!!
Nowloved gives a note.
NEXT UP…… Caustic.
Gets a note and DD in recognition of a great job on the Australia Day run.
Missing Link and KB called to join in the DD.

R/A Cumsmoke
First up POW Miscarriage.
Miscarriage states the candidates always seem to rise above the pack!!!

Candidate 1. Always complaining about the length of time for circle, wanting to get home sooner to his fluffy slippers ………… TWO DOGS.

Candidate 2. Proffered stock market investment advise … now a penny dreadful from $25 per share ……………………… SIR PRINCE.

Candidate 3. New Burke Enterprises employee (Yet to start) gets the keys to the new company car as preferential treatment to a trusted fellow hashman.
As all “Company cars” it gets put through its paces even though it is NOT a 4×4.
New employee is led astray by youthful hashers and CRASHES the new car day one. ………………… MISSING LINK.

Candidate 4. Miscarriage recalls his love for China and reaches for his Chinese silk jacket, announces its Chinese New Year presents a tee shirt and announces the POW belongs to the year of the ………………….. (Sir)RABBIT

Miscarriage gives a (Chinese) note.

R/A continues..
Miscarriage back for his 3rd DD………
Top of the hill false trail.
Marked the trail from the car … Shame!!!!
Rainbow gives the note.

R/A calls for CHARGES.
After a slow start Sir Prince fronts to explain the family crisis created when son number 3 gets a job with a fellow hasher’s business. Son 3 gets sent to FNQ and appointed to “Vice President” of the organization and gets sent to the major project to oversee it ………….

Cyclone hits and No 3 is flood bound and the Princess is getting stressed and
“NOT HAPPY JAN”. Miscarriage is back for his 4th DD.

Sir Prince gives a note.
Miscarriage offers a generous offer to GCHHH .. “it breaks my heart every time I see this” is Mrs Miscarriage comment each time she sees it.

But darling the tee shirt belongs to my twin brother!!!!
The tee shirt is revealed bearing the quote “ I REGRET NOTHING” across the front ….. it is awarded to the outstanding candidate to wear it with pride ………..Caustic Crusader
Yellow Photo code ………..
Bent Banana calls it “P” for Peter and gets at great expense a new Santa Suit for next year’s run.

SHAT announces talk to him about NASH HASH in Tassie.

Sir Rabbit gives a Splinter lunch report …. 31 GREAT Pizzas .. a huge thanks to Botcho.
Winners appear to be Nasty and Ferret.

Botcho is called up to get a DD to recognise the first awarded GCHHH Victoria Cross, Miscarriage is awarded a purple heart and gets his Fifth (yes 5th) DD for the night.

Sir Prince reminds the pack that they stand on the very site of the inaugural GCHHH run.
8.55pm … Circumference calls “END OF CIRCLE”

On On!!

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