” Famous Hash Quotes”

A new innovation from Sir Rabbit, Trail Master the “Banana Party” 2012-2013

Sir rabbit at head quarters

Latrine: My apologies for missing this one. I am all set for Nash Hash and am saving my energy for the event.

I sometimes have a Rather Large Problem Understanding Myself
> What a load of bollocks!!
> An ex-UK Plod finally able to open a Rogets Thesaurus and string a range of non-related acumenically challenged words together in a grammatically incorrect fashion
> PLAIN ENGLISH is fine for Hash !!
> On ON
> Caustic
PS Don’t get your hopes up but….it’s promising to be right old fashioned slaking through the bush followed with a salacious meal – I’m just so frightfully excited (sic) and hope you all are as well….

Your new Japanese calendar has just arrived…..
Gday ,, Now I cant quite work out which one is my Birthday ??? Pizza
And I thought it was just me,
I kept looking for the “choose your language” button!!!
Two Dogs
Pass on the bike, too many people having accidents these days. thanks anyhow Sir R
Essential you bring chair, torch, welly boots, a sense of direction, bus money and stuff !!!
on On
Went running with the Christmas Island Hash, a little different to the Gold Coast, the run was over volcanic rocks and heavy bush, very little running.
The circle is a small informal affair, but I am sure I can introduce some serious alcohol intake. The next run is in the bush and most are camping out, however with those Mother Fucking crabs crawling around I’m driving.
Head Job

20 thoughts on “” Famous Hash Quotes”

  1. Sir Rabbit

    “Turn the TV off, we’re hear for lunch not to watch fuckin’ cricket!”
    Splinterlunch 26th December 2014 The Latin Quarter

  2. Hands Solo

    Answer to POW question in Run Report 1913 –
    Is it Todd Carney of Cronulla Slash Hash ?

  3. Gram Mar Incorrect

    From Run Report 1911
    Q. Why is this walking hasher be able to climb to the top of the stairs?

    No wonder no one knew the correct answer as it was the same as -how long is a piece of string ?
    Maybe the hasher got lucky and used his brains ,legs, iceboots and the handrail.
    Who knows if he even made it to the top stair ?

  4. Circumference

    That should keep them in ! – Sir Rabbit’s reply to Sir Prince Valiant who commented about what a good besser block and timber fence had been built around social housing on Josephine’s run around Labrador – Run No 1893 on 10 February 2014

  5. Sirrabbit

    Sometimes after splinterlunch’s I play bus roulette to see how close I can get to home using the one bus.

  6. Circumference

    And the winner is Lurch – according to the Hash Scribe’s version of POW in the run report of run 1892 on 3 Feb 2014 when Hash Photos clearly show the hare Rock Hard receiving the POW charge

  7. Circumference

    Lurch – 20 January 2014- This is like doing yoga (as the Central GC Alliance attempted to jam in as many hashers as possible into the Lurchmobile as they left for home after Old Farts run at Pacific Pines)

  8. Now Loved

    The first big decision for the lotto Heirarchy.They will probably have to call in an external consultant.
    Now Loved

  9. Circumference

    Run 1889 at (Evandale) – I can’t believe there are so many pies and sausage rolls left ! – (Nasty)

  10. Circumfewrence

    In all my years of hashing I have never seen anything like this at a run – Sir Rabbit at Crocodile’s run venue at the pony club at Coomera on 18 November 2013.

    (This was just after a wild storm had unleashed hell on the local neighbourhood with lots of hail ,busted green debris and steamy mist coming off the road)

  11. Circumference

    This run is absolutely fucking rubbish ! – Rectum – 16/9/2013

    (An early assessment after less than one minute by Rectum of Flasher’s attempts at run setting when there no arrows, no checks and no hare after the rain had commenced. All this at Highland Park after the hare had gone to the trouble of outlining detailed instructions to the pack as to where the run went and even produced maps.)

  12. Circumference

    Theft of Hash Intellectual Property
    Firstly there was
    DOWN DOWN – pinched by Coles
    WHY ARE WE WAITING – has beenpinched by the Commonwealth Bank

    What’s next – POW -pinched by ?

  13. Rectum

    They wont choose me, I was on the committee a couple of years ago – Now Loved at pre AGPU drinks stop
    No, no, no, no, no, no – Now Loved on being selected as GM

  14. Botcho Post author

    Great to see our members participating and being part of our web site. Keep the comments coming. Best wishes to those who have been chosen to lead in the next Hierarchy. LOL

  15. Circumference

    It’s the thought that counts.
    Caustic Crusader Evandale 20 May 2013 on Swindler’s run
    (commenting on the missing arrow head at the check, a vital element of a hash run, which if it was there might have actually allowed the pack to find the trail)

  16. Circumference

    I am wearing Mumbles new clothing label, it’s called FILA – Fuck I’m Lost Again
    Miscarriage Currumbin Alley 30 April 2013

  17. Circumference

    I knew we were and where we should come out, but we weren’t where I thought I was.
    Mumbles Nerang Forest 24 Jan 2005

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