Hare Assist

Providing the Nosh

Gold Coast Hash Nosh Notes

for Hares who want to offer a worthwhile meal

Think through ways to provide a worthwhile Nosh for your fellow Hashmen.

At a minimum:

  • Starter – minimum crisps, cheese and biscuits or dip, etc
  • Main – To include basics of:

Protein – meat or fish of some kind

Vegetables – salad or similar

Carbohydrate – pasta, potato, rice, bread roll (wholemeal preferred) or similar

  • Dessert – Minimum of wrapped chocolate biscuit, simple ice pole, fruit & ice cream or similar
  • Portion control – with growing pack numbers it is critical that portion sizes are managed carefully to ensure everyone gets a serve, so arrange for a helper or two to serve


Traditionally your committee has allowed $5 per head for this. We realise times are changing and now offer:

  • Guaranteed minimum for up to 30 diners – $150 – just produce your dockets to justify this.
  • If you feel you are going to attract more than 30, or plan something special, discuss this with Hash Cash in order to maintain standards and keep costs in control


Be sure to tell Truck Tyres your requirements, with details of the site, access, power and lighting, etc.

Speak to him at least A WEEK BEFORE your run, and then BE CERTAIN TO REMIND him a day or two prior.

Your 2019 Brilliant Knights Committee

5th June 2019