Run 2028…Hare: Ferrett

Run 2028


Location: Miami

Hare: Ferrett

Hashers: 23

If Sir Bob Geldorf was a hasher, he probably wouldn’t have thought about writing a song called – I Don’t Like Mondays because he would have been out enjoying himself on Mondays like we did at Ferret’s run last Monday evening. Appropriately named Bazza’s Birthday Bash, this event is getting better each year like red wine.Walkers and runners headed off in different directions and soon the first group of runners were under fire from the bouncers at the Monday event at Miami Marketta especially after Flasher told the rather calories overloaded Bro to -come and have a run and lose some weight. I don’t think Flasher will be showing his dial around there anytime soon as the CCTV footage should make an interesting photo on the who not to admit list. There’s one thing about familiar territory run as hashers relax and have a chat about solving the world’s problems and soon the kilometres just pass by and no one gets lost.The walkers were abandoned by a flu affected/map holding Sir Slab midstream and local Slug stepped up made sure all got home.

Menu lists were placed on the tables and they read like this – Cheese and Jatz Crackers, Minestrone Soup(Homemade Brand) with Garlic Bread and Parmeson Cheese,Chilli
Con Carne with rice, coleslaw and pasta, Fried Bananas with Ice Cream, Birthday Cake, accompanied by Complimentary CUB Crown Lagers. It was just one conga line after another for the next course as we worked through the menu. Every man (including hasher KB) and dog (the suburb was like Bali with hordes of mutt nosh sniffers) arriving for the food they could smell. Some of the mutts even brought their female handlers along to join us. Who wouldn’t want to dine our el fresco style beside the beach with that fare on offer. Maybe Sir Bob Geldorf could one day join us during Comm Games Hash and then pen something like- Maybe Mondays Are Not So Bad After All.

The GM decreed a sit-down circle and Ferret was given a gutsy verse of Hashy Birthday Fuck You. Sir Two Dogs spoke about the run which included a nice sprint home from Miami Hill to the Monica Avenue venue. GM Rockhard declared that the nosh was very bloody good.

RA Shat invited KB in for a drink as a returning runner and as he spotted a disinterested BB talking in the circle, his number came up for a down down as well.
A couple of champion athletes, namely Sir Blackie and Hard On got notable mentions. Sir Blackie , pound for pound , wfa, world champion triathlete in his age group after good results on the tour in Chicago and Adelaide. Watch out Darwin Don, Sir Blackie is moving up to the next wfa level and is gunning for you on the world stage.
Hard On, not to be outdone, stood up on a local stage, well at least on the greens at golf last Sunday with a good win at Royal Surfers Paradise.

The Brunswick Heads Cruise Boozers told of their boozy adventures south of the border last weekend when they tried to get some early drinks around Mullimbimby and Brunswick. Two Dogs had a good recollection of it all but the weekend was all pretty hazy to Missing Link who could only remember between 9 -10 am each morning because he had breakfast at that time.

Miscarriage, always ready to have a crack at a charge, alleged that the real Two Dogs were regularly sighted during the evening with pairs of dogs roaming in and out of the tables from time to time during nosh. Sir Rabbit gave the charge the thumbs down and Miscarriage took one for his backfire.

In a novel approach to POW, a volunteer stepped up to receive the award from Weekly. Botcho who wrote a great run report on the Splinter lunch admitted there had been a couple of porkies in the report about Weekly’s non-payment of lunch which Weekly had swallowed hook, line and sinker.

Josephine got the nod to close the circle to RPR 13.

COFFS HARBOUR HASH ROAD TRIP TOUR – 11 to 13 November 2016

Over the years, GC hashers have ventured south to Coffs Harbour H3 for their annual November weekend run. We have had good times at Park Beach and Urunga. This years event will be held at Sawtell and is sure to be another great weekend. Hash bus trips are always fun and as we haven’t been on an interstate one for awhile, it would be good to get some bums on seats and have a few drinks especially as Beer o’clock is an hour earlier in NSW at that time of the year.
If you like to have a relaxing beer or two while travelling or even learn about different NSW North Coast towns, you can combine both of these on this tour.
The trip down may see you joining in a new B for Beer drinking game, where you can enter in a whole of bus team, smaller groups in relays or if you have big thirst as an individual. All you have to do is have a Beer every time you see a new town commencing with the letter B displayed on a road sign on the trip south.
Just to help those not too familiar with the road past Coolangatta, here is a list of possible reasons for a Beer – Bogangar, Burringbar, Brunswick Heads, Bangalow, Byron Bay, Ballina, Broadwater, Brooms Head, Bellingen, Boambee and Bonville.
As the Coffs Harbour H3 supported us at the Boonah 2000th, it would be good to return the favour and show our support for them.

So let’s get ourselves organised and start showing some interest so bookings can be made. Details on the GC H3 webpage.

From the GC Bulletin Classifieds

Advertisers in this category must be a certified therapeutic masseuse. No sexual services are on offer.

Then beside this notice, New Delux Massage. 7 Masseuses. Rear Entrance, Rear Porking and Shower. Happy Hours. $10 discount if you come in mornings.
And another with the heading – Colombian & Aussie (surely not our hasher) – Come on and try our New Staff
Then someone obviously new to the GC – Asian, Main Beach, Taiwan ( could be handy for our Taiwan based hasher) Sheza Hotti and waiting for you
Your place/my place in Miami area, Facial Thai Massage, Call Tan Tat Beauty anytime on 0407 069 069
And finally , we have all heard of Migaloo, the albino whale but here’s another rarity , a flightless bird that they don’t even have across the Ditch – A Blonde Kiwi.
Then says high class, GGFE ? ( Who knows what that means , but if you willing take a stab, it maybe, Guaranteed/Good Fuck Everytime).
Busty Korean, another providing GGFE including an unforgettable ending
New to Southport, shaven Vietnamese , free pork buns for you to try in opening special. Limited time offer, come early.


Former Missionary, from Africa, new to GC, seeks new position. Willing to try them all.
Work Wanted – Unemployed Boner seeking goob job , preferably in Beaudesert area. Long time experience in bush. (Probably wants a good job which would be better for his career prospects)


SAA Monthly meeting at Mermaid Beach Community Centre(probably stands for the Sex Addicts Anonymous judging by the number of deviants the GC Bulletin claims are involved in human trafficking of morally flexible young Asian women judging by the increasing number of the new flesh for fantasy businesses now operating in that area in readiness for the Comm Games)

Yours in hashing


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