Gold Coast Hash House Harriers Hareline

Help needed!!  I can’t set my run…

Changes to your run date is your responsibility.

Organise a replacement and advice  Trail  Master Sir Rabbit asap

Hare Assist

If you need assistance when you’re the hare ! Ask a hash mate to give you a hand.

You could be the hare next week!…Search Your Hash Name

Date Run Hare Theme
February 3 20202205Brewtus
February 10 20202206Ballpoint
February 17 20202207Ball Bags
February 24 20202208Magician
March 2 20202209Exelpet
March 9 20202210Sir Rabbit & Sir Jo
March 16 20202211Poxy
March 23 20202212Miscarriage
March 30 20202213Weekly
April 6 20202214Bent Banana
April 13 20202215Latrine
April 20 20202216Swindler
April 27 20202217Now Loved
May 4 20202218Wrongway
May 11 20202219HierarchyGCH3 Agpu
May 18 20202220HierarchyGCH3 Memorial Run
May 25 20202221Fanny Charmer
June 1 20202222Ballpoint
June 8 20202223Hal Al
June 15 20202224VD
June 22 20202225Sir Prince Valiant
June 29 20202226Kwakka
July 6 20202227Phantom
July 13 20202228Ballpoint
Jul 20 20202229Iceman
Jul 27 20202230Arsenic & Pepe le Pew
August 3 20202231Missing Link
August 10 20202232Aussie
August 17 20202233Brengun
August 24 20202234Swollen Colon
August 31 20202235Foxtrot Oscar
September 7 20202236Sir Ferrett
September 14 20202237Jigsaw
September 21 20202238Sir BotchoBirthday Boy
September 28 20202239Nasty
October 5 20202240
October 12 20202241
October 19 20202242Sir Two DogsV8 Handicap
October 26 20202243Kitchen Bitch
Hash Trailer

Hares!! Do you need the Hash Trailer for your next run? Contact Trailer Master Truck Tyres to book.

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