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  1. Caustic Crusader

    As the rest of the Hierarchy are presently away I can receive on their behalf (honest) any late bribes from any late running aspirants for the “top jobs “!!!!

    Only 2 weeks to AGPU so you better make a late charge

    Acting GM;Acting Minister of Loose Ends;Acting Hash Cash;Acting R.A

    and Trailmaster


  2. Flasher

    Sounds bloody disgusting!!!!!

    Try my Corn Beef Hash if you’re desperate…..recipe on the back of the POW..

  3. Two Dogs Post author

    Gourmet Hash? I ask you!!

    VD revealed one of his prized recipes to us over a few beers, might be worth passing on to the Gourmet Hash!


    1 x 400g can of baked beans (any brand)
    1 x 100g can of tuna (John West of course)

    Preparation time:

    1 minute

    Clean up time:

    10 seconds




    * Open can of baked beans and remove (preferably eat) 100g, or a quarter of the contents.
    * Open can of tuna and empty contents into baked beans can.
    * Stir and eat at your leasure, season as required

    Ideal for:

    When batching, under the weather, under the influence or just lazy

    On On
    Two Dogs


    I will only smile if there is TOOHEY’S OLD at the A G P U have abandoned any future plan’s for lowrachy at this stage will consider at a later date i’ll through my weight behind anybody whowill pledge to have TOOHEY’S OLD in the bucket . Kind Regard’s PIZZA

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