Run 1712

Run: 1712
Hare: Shat & Veteran
Location: Biggera Waters
Date: 23rd August, 2010

Lands End bridge is not that hard to find …. Just follow the water keeping it on your right.

Well that’s OK for some….. but Scout masters like a tougher challenge than that!!!!

…….Like head North. Hmmmmmmmmm The tails of Old Fart continue in this exciting episode of ……….Old Fart lost in the bush volume 3…….. More later…..

A stroll around Biggera Waters and up to the smallest park on the Gold Coast to find Shat and Veteran with their stolen Coles shopping trolley and a bucket of “Drink Stop piss” made from Penfolds 707 and the finest ginger beer…….. then back to the Nosh for a feed of spuds, followed by an Adelaide favourite ( according to Veteran)the famous “Pie Floater” topped off with an icecream cone stolen from the back of McDonalds.

OLD FART is still not back and search party discussions fall on deaf ears!!!!!!!

Better save some nosh for Old Fart …. Fuck him !!

Circle is called at 8.06pm

First up …. Hares Shat and Veteran

The standard of the night is set early with Shat calling the GM a cunt.

Flatulence offers comment on the nosh … Pies and Spuds “a bit starchy GM”

Bella the R/A’s girl liked it (only time it gets a feed)

5 out of 10 was the score from Flatulence.

Pussy Boy gave the run comment ……. Very “straight forward” good to see large arrows

Moon Beams rose to his feet to give a note.

Returning runners .. Hitler, Pussy Boy, and Swollen were asked for excuses it seems working, girls and getting your dick wet took some preference to hash …….. (go figure which one the excuse applies to)

It’s 8.15 and a huffing and puffing Old Fart has found his way out of the scrub to join the pack.

Just in time to witness Pussy Boy and Hitler in a “Photo opportunity” with the tool of humiliation …….. That’ll teach them for talking about wet dicks!!!

Miscarriage gives a nooooooooooooooooote!!!!!

R/A is called to circle ……… He MUST have amazing powers !!!!!!!!! No RAIN !!!!!

R/A opens with 1, 2,3, 4 shit jokes.

KB is called to circle on some trumped up charge about R/A abuse

…….. Shoes off KB ..You’re on the ice!!!!!!!!!

Piss off you pricks ….. this hurts!!!!!

Swollen sets off the fireworks to mark the occasion.

KB gives Swollen a note!! Miscarriage gets it for touch parking a brand new car ….Point Two gives him a note!!

POW Guitar Man is called . I have a couple of nominations .

  1. R/A is a cunt (that will get you a long way Guitar Man . You need to be named yet!!)

Miscarriage says not good enough to have that name ….. (another bold statement considering the potential consequences)

  1. Rockhard ….. a serial offender for POW .

Rockhard gets it …….. Guitar Man offers a note and Rockhard proceeds to take the rest of the night to consume the half yard of POW piss.

KB is off the ice ………. (Fuck it hurts )

R/A calls Guitar Man back in to discuss his potential Hash name.

Rainbow’s hump, Piss Bucket, and O-Fender are suggested as names for this out of work muzzo mate of Rainbow’s.

However this is cut short with R/A abuse from Guitar Man and he finds himself on the ice compliments of our R/A.

Charges are called for.

Miscarriage charges Sir Rabbit with purchasing “NEW TACKLE” for Mrs Rabbit Hmmmmmmm !!

Goat Farka charges Old Fart with having to wait on three occasions now for his nosh. Quoted as 1 hour 2 hours and now 3 hours late … Goat Farka’s inventive mind has come up with a solution ……… Goat Farka produces a game fishing rig with a yellow belt to go around Old Fart’s neck ……….. We can reel the cunt in after 1 hour claims Goat Farka, then I can get my nosh on fucking time for once!!!

Goat Farka gives a note and the pack sing the DD song at Old Fart pace.

Croc gets it for “hairy palms” … feel this boys !!!!! Then they get to know they are transplanted pubic hair having had his hand on his cock for the last 5 minutes .. a dash to the dettol bottle follows for the pack.

Cumagen gives a note.

Sir Rabbit reminds all of the Splinter lunch.

Bike Ride this Sunday too!!!

Aussie tells the story of a women’s work is never done …….. So let the lazy bitches get up 2 hrs earlier. ( good luck Aussie)

Swollen told the tale of his visit to Tamworth Hash …… seems he snook up on a Goat Farka just like ours in MANY ways ……. 100 nannies in one night … that’s our boy !!!!!!!!!

Seems G- string and new set of jugs flashing is all the go in down town Tamworth.

Old Fart reminds the pack that the scouts are fund raising looking after the Basketball ISL comp next weekend at TSS ……… should be some great competition and well worth a look he says.

Sir Prince brought news of a previous member Vial ……. Seems he is on the way to wealth and fortune putting together Tattslotto syndicates cost free (to him) and making a fuck up of Chinese bride selection using the same process.

NEXT WEEKS RUN …….. Unknown (seems Hitler is off getting his dick wet again)

8.45pm circle closes.

Cumsmoke and his love head off to a night together and Old Fart can’t find his way to the car……… Another day in Hash land ends.

On On


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