Run 1756

Run 1756
Date: Monday 27th June 2011
Hare: Missing Link & Cumsmoke
Venue: Cascade Gardens, Broadbeach
Runners: 30
Weeks to AGPU: 49

Missing Link, the nosh hare, looked on with growing anticipation as the numbers continued swelling. Despite the Council’s best endeavours to deter entry to the once popular park, some 30 eager hashers found their way to the venue. Missing Link advised he had better ring the missus (co-cook) and tell her to add more water to the nosh to ensure enough to go around.

Cumsmoke, the run hare, then took the stage and advised it was payback time, there was a walkers trail, a short run and a long run and is was on south (surprise, surprise). So off we trotted to the convention centre then on over the road, further south and then down towards the Oasis shopping centre, around the streets, through the dining crowds and then north along Surf Parade, which turned out to be a good extra loop. The trail then headed east towards the beach to our second check opposite Kurrawa Park. We seemed to have lost Bent Banana and some followers despite the Hare, Cumsmoke standing at the check (having driven here in his ute). The remainder found the on trail and headed north along the beach road wondering when we would finally turn for home.

We arrived near Garfield Terrace with again the hare in attendance, where Blackstump took the initiative and opportunity to call him a “brainless twit” (or something along those lines anyway). By the now the pack was faltering as we continued towards Northcliffe Surf Club, where we came upon our first on back (and being called through) much to Veteran’s annoyance (once again). We veered back and turned west where we found a few lost runners including Blackstump. The trail then headed over Isle of Capri Bridge, where I, having done the circuit on many occasions decided to do the right thing and keep Blackstump company for the run home.

Miscarriage and his mate Brendan (or is that Brian), Swollen and Rectum finished the long trek around Monaco street, TE peters Drive and back past the convention centre. A few others including Slab, Veteran and Sir Rabbit (not wanting to peak too early for his half marathon run), decided to turn back for home along the highway, succumbing to a moment of common sense.

Back at the venue Missing Link brought out the huge pots with the crowd eagerly awaiting the traditional Vindaloo and Massaman Curry. I must say there was plenty of rice and the apple pie and custard dessert was fine however there were some very mixed reviews on the main course, probably something to do with trying to stretch the feed to cater for the numbers. Anyway it is feared, though I’m assured, that no Ibis were harmed in the making of this feed (although none were spotted in their usual nesting place).

The circle was called with GM, Shat, calling for run reviews with Sir Rabbit giving it 5/10, Veteran 6/10, and Miscarriage 6/10, a very pleasing 16/10 (probably getting bonus points for intense planning and creativity!!!!). Both Show Pony and Kitchen Bitch complained about the nosh, with both commenting on the inability to actually find any chicken 3/10.

Down Downs:
Missing Link & Cumsmoke; Hares

Swollen Colon was given a 30 second icing but no down down (Hierarchy exemption) for a rule #16 infringement, caught training on Sunday (training for Kokoda challenge run, overachiever!)

Miscarriage; 3 x down downs, two for holding beer in wrong hand whilst guest RA, Two Dogs, holding court and one for his twin’s indiscretions in the old dart. Too long a story to repeat here but suffice to say it included stairwells, locked doors, and naked people.

Truck Tyre & Brendan (or is that Brian); visitors

Rainbow; POW (from Bent Banana) for speeding and illegal U turn on the way into run venue

Bent Banana; as charged by Ferret for claiming and eating Sir AH’s meal at Splinter Hash Lunch
Caustic Crusader also gave a story about a potential future Hasher, which is probably best repeated by Caustic himself. Remind him by asking for the “Toblerone Story”
Story came from the Splinter Lunch about Sir Cumference winning lots at the pokies and doing the generous gesture of shouting 20 schooners for the crew. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) only about half a dozen remained to finish the beers.

Miscarriage also gave us the story of his runs with London Hash (young overachievers apparently) and Phuket Hash, where three people passed away in 3 days (not going there!).
Also please note Brisbane Hash, “Over 60’s” lunch on Friday 22nd July at Clayfield. A few from the Gold Coast Hash already confirmed as going up. See Shat if interested.

That is all,
On On from “The Desk”
Two Dogs