Run 1763

PLEASE NOTE; Due to your glorious Hierarchy’s ability to manage funds, the weekly food contribution has now risen to $135.00 (which includes the fact you do not pay the $15.00 on the night). However if you do not spend the full amount please don’t claim it as we will know by the quality and quantity of food and launch an immediate enquiry, and subsequent reprisals.

In the event you have a great event/idea planned and wish to spend above the allocated amount you must pre arrange this with the Hash Cash, Blackstump, who will kindly advise you to go “jump” (or on very rare occasions consider your request). Nights at pubs/restaurants will attract a $5.00 fee.

Run: 1763
Date: Monday 15th August 2011
Hare: Crocodile
Venue: Wah Inn Chinese Restaurant, Southport
Runners: 26

Weeks to AGPU: 44
Well what does one write about this event. Another run set at the last minute at high speed on a mountain bike with the nosh organised at some dodgy Chinese restaurant obviously being used as a front for some sweat shop or human trafficking organisation. Any how we’ll try!!
In the dimly lit car park, a reasonable pack, resembling a seedy gathering of sorts, had assembled awaiting their instructions. Missing Link had returned thinking he could dodge the Asian delights for a while, but now knew he would have to feast on more stir fried dogs, rats and pussies. Even Veteran had made a return from his recent Hash related injuries and joined the walkers, who were allegedly given dodgy instructions by the Hare.
The run began north through the shops before quickly disappearing behind the centre then up through a gap in the fence and into the back streets. It wasn’t too long before we ended up emerging at the canal and ran towards Ferry Road before having to double back along the other side, just one of those things you can’t get around despite the temptation to swim the canal or try the other direction.

Soon after we crossed Cotlew Street, along the fence line, around some shiggy and another on back as found by Rectum. The marks thinned out a bit, but the lead pack finally found the trail and emerged at Slatyer Avenue before crossing Benowa Road and into more back streets and the familiar hills of Benowa. Back across Cotlew Street, where I suspect a few couldn’t resist the urge to head homewards, as the rest of us continued up the hills.

By now the pack had diminished as we had to refer to the faded trail map, given to me by the Hare, to stay on track. A loop saw us regather a few of the trailing pack who succumbed to the temptation to take the short cut. Soon it was onto Ridgeway Avenue before descending through the stair wells and corridors of the Tafe College before the good sprint home.

Back at the Restaurant a good pack, as you’d imagine, had already returned and were into the bucket as well as some nice Becks beers provided kindly by birthday boy, Rug.
Inside the restaurant, after Josephine and the GM had made up their minds whether the fee tonight was $5.00 or $20.00 (strangely enough $20.00 was the final price), the pack sat awaiting tonight’s feast. Not wanting to upset the local Triad’s evening meeting, the GM, wisely decided to hold a short impromptu circle.
Intermission – have gone out to dinner whilst writing this report, back soon

Intermission over and back to this dbeagle, Rectum wast told tot give a run report nd said tid was was nice long, lots of on backs 5.5/10. Sir Rabbid sadi wit was enjoyed 6/10, total 5.75/10. No nosh reprod as was restaurant, 5/10 standard mark given (maybe more with birbe).
Rock Hards was correcvt on fooot report
Feerttt & Crococodiel complained about messup of runs was unprecidineted however Vetaeran denied claim as fivolos and Josephine added there was nothing unprecidented as this sh.t happens all the time
Sir Vliant gave the story of Show pOny opening trap incorectly duirng conversation with PV’s son’s girlfreiedn, somhitng tio do with indian curry
Only Down Donw was given to POW, Croc (by Bent Benana) fro f..king arrowis in the f..king middle of the f..king road
Down Downs: see above
Footnote: Still no f..king internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hash Family day lunch; Sunday 21st August 12:00 noon, all welcome, $10.00 per head, BYO booze. Being held at Botulism’s home, Chip In Place, Helensvale (next to golf club). Bring a chair and please let Botulism know if you are attending
That is all, (I’m f..ked)
On On from “The Desk”
Two Dogs

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  1. Crocodile

    What a fabulous evening of reveraly and commeraderie being enjoyed at the Wah Inn after a wonderful ramble through the back streets of Southport and Benowa.

    On On

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