Run 1765

Run: 1765
Date: Monday 29th August 2011
Hare: Sir AH
Venue: Off Nerang M’Bah Rd Nerang

Runners: 28

Weeks to AGPU: 42

Oh what a difference a trailer makes! Freed from the shackles of hosting runs from parks with BBQ’s in Labrador and suburbia in general, it was great to see the return of the trailer and a run set in the bush.

Of course with the return of the trailer we also got to ask the now familiar question, ‘How many Hashers does it take to light a BBQ?’ With 6:15 fast approaching and half the pack still stuffing around with the gas, (Where is Seamen when you need him?), the GM called the group together and due to the daunting nature of the surrounding hills and bushland, called on the RA to bless the run. The RA provided a blessing for the Run and the Hare, but unfortunately forgot to bless the poor little Skippy found mid-trail with an arrow up its arse.

Following some very sparse direction from Sir AH the pack took off for the hills, then some more hills, followed by some more hills, then finally the last few hills before returning home. (If ya haven’t got the point by now, all I can remember is there were lots of fucking hills!)

Back at the On On venue the BBQ was finally alight thanks to Pizza dodging the run and heading back to town to buy some matches. The table that Sir AH had meticulously set up for the hierarchy was quickly populated by ‘next year would be committee members’, and yes, we have your names. The Nosh consisted of red and yellow curries served with rice, and apple strudel and custard for desert.

The Circle.

Down downs commenced with Now Loved (returning runner) and Bum Crack (a visitor).
The GM noted a special thank you to Old Fart for bringing the trailer, and to Pizza for going off to get the matches.

Sir Slab provided a run report and noted that the run was well marked, was a return to some good serious hashing, and slightly undulating. Score – 8/10

KB provided the Nosh report and noted there was no need for portion control, however that may have been due to Cumsmoke being absent. Score – 8/10

Further Down Downs went to – Sir AH ( Hare), Flasher ( not recognising Sir Ah’s 100th run),

Nasty and Cumagain (returning runners), Missing Link (drinking from left hand), Rug (not reporting Link’s indiscretion),

Moonbeams for sitting near the head of the hierarchy table.

Caustic took the floor and detailed the plight of some poor bastard who needs to give $70M to registered charities. So if you know a legitimate registered Australian charity that can help him out, speak with Caustic.

Sir Rabbit provided a report on the Splinter lunch and the much anticipated launch of the new shirt.

POW was carried over (or maybe it’s been carried off to Urbenville?)

The GM then asked Caustic where the foot was located in last week’s words. He didn’t have a fucking clue so he asked Pizza, Nuh, then Link, Nuh, then Cumagen, then Arseup, Rug, Sir Rabbit, Moonbeams,……. What a fucking debacle this has turned into! Finally Sir Slab restored order by providing the correct answer and the mammoth Down Down commenced.

On a more sombre note, Rectum addressed the circle and advised that he and Pizza had been working with a group to raise funds for an orphanage in Cambodia. After giving a small insight into the plight of these poor little beggars, a hat was passed round for anyone who wished to help this cause and make a donation. With the committee throwing in $100 we collectively donated $250.50. Well done everyone.

With no further business, Moonbeams was finally called on to end the circle.

All in all, an excellent traditional Hashing night so thanks again to Sir AH.

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