Run 1770

Run: 1770
Date: Monday 3rd October 2011
Hare: Bent Banana – Oktoberfest Extravaganza
Venue: Von Trap Mansion – Munichrarra
Runners: 44

Weeks to AGPU: 36
Das grosse numbers of das Herrs, das commandants and das dumbkopfs gathered at the Von Trap Manor for the highly anticipated Oktoberfest event. Der panzers parked all over the Manor’s immaculately kept grounds particularly the 4 wheel drive versions. Unfortunately there were no signs of the of the much anticipated fraulines with the grosse knockers (perhaps something to do with last weeks budget, or the Hash Cash needs another holiday soon)

Are you getting the drift here guys? Finally we were set on our way by the hare with the usual briefing of the usual sorts in possibly very usual terrain. The pressure was on, as a number of Brisbane Hashers had been invited under the guise of this being a top notch event run by a top notch Hash, sounds like a real estate agent spiel to me.
Anyway we set off across the road from Gracelands (aka Von Trap manor) and over into the neighbours yard, down the side, across the paddock and finally emerging at Nerang Broadbeach road. We then headed east before hitting the on back, which then lead us down the side of the golf course and into the swamp lands of Carrara, soon the new home of the Gold Coast Show. The pack zig zagged through the scrub, trees and creek crossings to emerge at the back streets and hills of the burbs.

However it wasn’t long before we ventured back into the scrub to trudge our way through the soft and soggy grounds. It seemed like we were going in endless circles but somehow we emerged back onto the road just in time to meet with the walking group and join in for the kilometre or so run home. A great well set and marked run venturing through new turf and keeping the pack well together. A well deserved 9/10 mark as given by Charred Arse.

The gathering back at the manor was enough to get any neo Nazi or white supremacist salivating until such time they found out the real truth behind the many strange get ups, particularly those of Sir AH, Josephine, Sir Rabbit, Caustic and the GM himself.

This fine ensemble resembled the cast of Hogans Heroes as they would look if still all around today. The nosh organised by Swollen and Jigsaw was a fine fair of meat balls, German sausage, sauerkraut, spuds, chook left over from the bike ride on Sunday and finished with fine strudel and ice cream. Also worthy of the 9/10 mark given by our Brisbane visitors.

Host Bent Banana had laid out his finest antique furniture for all to enjoy the outdoor dining experience, accompanied by the soothing German music in the back ground. At my end of the table we were entertained by Pizza’s commentary on how to make red wine from woe to go, all good except I forget to write it all down, no doubt the CD will be out soon.
Swollen ran the German trivia contest with Old Fart winning the priceless photo collection, which will no doubt soon appear on e-bay.

The RA also gave the pleasing news that Sir Point Two has decided not to run for Mayor of Urbenville but instead become a neighbour of the RA in the hills near Killarney.

What a great night, great run, great circle, great nosh, great venue and of course great company but where was the frauline that appeared in the photos?
Down Downs:
Visitors and returning runners; including numerous Brisbane types along with Miscarriage and Flatulence

Shetland, Sir Slab, Sir Prince, Flasher & Ferret; Leaving on tours of duty (Sweden & Thailand)

Bent Banana: Hare

Jigsaw & Swollen; Cooks

Rugstein; Suspected spy infiltrating event and changing citizenship as a cover

Arseup; Drinking from wrong hand

Pizza; Parking Ute at front door of manor and ruining ambience of event (I thought his mere presence did that)

Miscarriage; Update on recent travels

Rectum; Wrong hand infringement

Caustic; Falling picture incident

Veteran; Falling over and hitting head incident

Dennis; Now known as Pile Driver

Charred Arse; For something to do with above mentioned naming

Caustic: As stand in for Phantom re visitor incident at Splinter lunch

Caustic; POW, because he’s just Caustic

**Anything above to referred to as “incident” means further details are available from those involved in said incidents **

– 17th October Gold Coast 600, V8 Supercar annual handicap challenge
– 26th November: Hash pre Xmas cocktail evening with partners, get your frocks out

On On from “The Desk”
Two Dogs 

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