Run 1783

Run: 1783
Date: Monday 2nd January 2012
Hare: Moonbeams & Caustic
Venue: Hinze Dam
Runners: 30 + 2

Weeks to AGPU: 23
Firstly, welcome back to all and your glorious Hierarchy hope that 2012 is a great year for all, hopefully much better than 2011 was for the majority.
Secondly, having only just returned from spending any remaining available Hash funds at lovely Noosa, I thought I should do a quick recap of the last two runs I missed, although these reports are delivered via third party info and any resemblence to fact is purely coincidental.
The Xmas run, as usual, was kept to the highest possible standards regardless of what a few selfish types will tell you, though I did note a few things happened that were not on the notes I made at our last Hierarchy meeting. However I believe the night went off without any hitches and the entertainment and food was of the highest order (pigs do fly).
I did hear from some whingers that at one venue the Guiness was wasted as it took them so long to pour that it was time to leave when the finally got it, and at another venue the gas was stuffed so no piss was available except in stubbies, which the Hierarchy thought too expensive, and apparently there was no piss at the Chinese Restaurtant in Benowa upon arrival but quick action by the Hierarchy quickly saw quality wines delivered and another top evening had by all. AH, having suffered an unfortunate accident was whisked around in a wheel chair donated apparently by Sir Slab, now that’s the way to do a Xmas run.
Hopefully most of you had more than your fair share and have no recollection of the event anyway so we can tell you anything we want.
At Show Pony’s run on Boxing Day, at Hope Island, a small group of 8 showed up, having had enough of Xmas festivities and in need of something else. Being considerate at this time of year a casual stroll was the order of the day and Pony, having catered for the usual 25+ crowd, ensured there was ample food for all and of good quality, possibly redeeming himself of past doings, although I suggest he will never be forgotten for his effort at Arundel.
Which brings us back to the current run at Hinze Dam. Moonbeams and Causic decided to host an early start and made the day a more family affair with partners and family invited to join in the festivities.
Misscarriage and clan arrived straight from the plane having been over seas in Asia and or Christmas Island (same thing I guess). A good pack of 30 Hashers and partners plus Misscarriages two little ones gathered and soon after 2:00pm we headed off into the new surrounds of the now finished dam renovations/extensions.
The trail started up hill, as expected, and soon hit the horse trails across the road. The next few kilometres was like the new roller coaster at Movie World, up and down and all around.
Somehow after the first check Blackstump went one way and I the other only to both find trails and end up together at the next check, unique I must say. More hills and more trail running before we descended to the quarry road.
Here I noted Flasher had shortcutted by following the Hare, Cautic. I advised Flasher that the run had to go left as it lead to the dam but he reluctantly checked and advised no trail in sight and ran back only to be turned back again as he in fact had gone the right way but not far enough. Blacky and I soon took the lead and headed right only to be caught on a good long on back, leaving us now well behind the rest, talk about from the penthouse to the shit house in one swift moment.
Soon the pack was together again as we headed towards the inevitable dam. After some 30 minutes of good hard and hot slogging we came to the “Bear Grylis” section of the run as we headed off trail and up into the virgin bush. Fortunately Misscarriage and Truck Tyre had now taken the lead and were our official snake flushers and decoys.
Blacky was struggling with his slippery shoes and kept trying to slide down the mountain and ended up in the midst of every bit of lantana and stinging bushes in existance, cutting himself to ribbons in the process. Finally we emerged at the quarry to then run along the top, down the rocks, across the flats and back up another rock hill before the final leg home through the visitor centre and down the steps to home base.
A good hour long slog, though I figure most would have liked to bypass the bush section, just ask Blackstump for his thoughts.
Back at base camp Moonbeams was busy cooking up the snag sangers and delicious steak burgers. During the circle KB gave the food a commendable 8.25/10 and the run was given a 9/10 by Truck Tyre. Rug was spied trying to catch a few zzeds in the circle, no doubt reflecting on his recent run achievement, but was soon brought back to life via the Hierarchy water cannon.
The GM was given a travellers gift of a two sided willy warmer, quality and success to be reported on in due course. Formalities over, it was time to leave before being locked in for the night and all departed around 5:30pm with the thoughts of being home for dinner on a Monday night! A great start to 2012 and well done to the Hares and all for attending what was a fun afternoon.
PS On the way home we came across an unfortunate accident between a motor bike and bus (no prize for guessing who came off worse) at the Helensvale, Pacific Pines intersection.
A policeman was at the scene directing traffic when he noted someone had pulled up in the left lane just past the busy intersection and was getting out to talk to the police officer.
Just as the officer (now angry) was trying to tell the idiot goose to get out of the way another car plowed into the back of the said goose’s car. Three large Islander types got out of this car and only one can guess what happened next, but it would have looked great on U Tube.
Down Downs;
Moonbeams & Caustic; Hares
Ferret; Trying to dob on someone
Ferret; Complaigning about lack of enthusiasm
Rock Hard; Sob story about being in Pindarra Hospital on New Years and trying to gain sympathy via trumped up heart attack story. Time to harden up and jump start!
KB & Arseup; Returning runners from Bali
Rug & Flasher; Splinter lunch “Chipmunk “ affair
Misscarriage; Returning runner
GM & Jigsaw; Congratulations on quick thinking actions to provide quality wine at Xmas run
Caustic; Hierarchy abuse
On On from “The Desk”
Two Dogs

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