Run 1811

Run 1811
Date : 16th July 2012
Hare : Gavin (assisted by Two Dogs)
Venue : The Esplanade, Paradise Point
Runners 23

Weeks to Blackie not having to piss in a bag – 1

With a view overlooking LEGOLAND or Ephraim Island, as it is known to locals, an eager group of runners assembled, hoping that there would be a run this week (not public transport).

Indeed there was and after the obligatory instructions, which seem to differ each week despite every hare quoting “international markings apply” we were off and running. The route took us south and wove through the back streets of Hollywell before entering the bush stage.

Checks were aplenty and I seemed to pick every false trail. We emerged at the northern end of Coombabah and then past Paradise Lake. The checks kept coming, so in the main, the pack was kept together. Some good front running appearances by Josephine, Veteran and Michael.

Back at the venue, it was clear that the site had been well prepared with windbreaks and a gas heater, the only question was – how on the Gold Coast did he find a working BBQ complete with a working light? Clearly this was the affluent end of the coast.

A pleasant hubbub of conversation could be heard as the entre was prepared, no shouting or swearing was apparent so Caustic, Cum Smoke and Pizza were absent.

For starters Gavin served us, ‘gourmet ‘ snags (lamb and rosemary or Mexican) they still smelled like the charity sh@t you get outside Bunnings to me, so I opted for an onion sandwich.

The main course was home made burgers, which were very tasty.

NO DESSERT (Points off for that faux pas)

Circle was commenced by the GM who was feeling a little unwell, no one offered a cuddle; it’s tough at the top.

Two Dogs was ushered into the circle and Josephine enthused how it was a well marked and quality run, just slightly inferior to his own so 7.6/10. Phantom stated it was the best walk he has done in a long time (there was a bar on the route)

Botcho gave comment on the food, chilli sausages too spicy, no dessert, basic food, either tasty burgers too small or rolls too big. (a bit like trying to find a two dollar coin in a large pocket) 7and a bit (7.1/10).

DD to – Hare – Two Dogs
– Visitors – Gavin + john (Swindler’s mate from Sydney)
– Returners – Phantom (ill), Head Job (bad knee)

RA’s business –
DD to – Flasher (of Hot Seat fame)
– Michael (wearing pimps hat)
– Two Dogs and Gavin who will be representing Australia in the upcoming Origami championships in Canada. Specialties are the frog base and the lotus petal.
– Phantom – sitting down during circle

Flasher was awarded a bottle of gossips by the GM for knowing far too much about gays.

POW being held over, probably due to paragraph 5.

Next weeks run Shat@? (assuming he can extricate himself from France)

Couple of very funny Pet Shop jokes to finish, which I could repeat, but you should be at the run.

On On

On Sec
Some of the above may be untrue.

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