Run 1812

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Run 1812
Date : 23rd July 2012
Hare : Sir AH
Venue : Xanadu Court, Mudgeraba
Runners 23

Weeks to Blackie not having to piss in a bag – 1

The journey to the venue was enough to take your breath away, not particularly the view, just the lack of oxygen at this altitude. As I passed the Von Trapp family, fleeing to Austria, I realized that there was a strong likelihood of hills being employed on the run

Walkers and runners (we seem to be less runners by the week) set off downhill (which meant a nice uphill for the on home)Sir Slab was heard to comment on the walking group with the words “Look at that bunch of geriatrics” he did have a point, most looked as they were searching for their carers.

The run was, as expected, many ups, many downs, no false trails and checks into courts, which were fooling, no one. A small off-road section was encountered as we all trespassed onto the local golf course, the rest was tarmac and well marked. Although some confusion was experienced by Josephine and Jigsaw, who both decided to do a second lap after running past the venue. (should have asked one of the Sherpa’s)

Consideration was given to finding them but it was too cozy by the patio heater and its is the thought that counts, I was always told.

Hard to believe that the run had been set at short notice as the birthday boy served entree’s of creamy tomato and pumpkin soup and followed this with Thai chicken curry and perfectly cooked rice. There was even a choice of three mud cakes with custard for dessert. Nicely done AH.

Circle opened by the GM and the hare invited out. 70 years young and allegedly born in an air raid (prompting suggestions of Hitler’s love child). Josephine gave comment on the run – no fun factor, suggests AH move to Palm Beach (so we can run between the street fights and drunks?) enjoyed the run so much started a second lap. 6/10

Sir Prince adopted the role of Matt Preston, stating – plenty, very nice, no chilli, 8/10 which in the words of KB was “almost up there with Latrine”

DD’s to –

Shat – job well done on last years committee
Jigsaw – ‘best committee man last year’
Sir Prince Valliant – nearly at wrong venue
Returners – Sir Slab, travelling with wife/Shat, travelling with wife/Sir AH, long service leave/Moonbeams, had better offers

GM presented with an unusual shaped whistle, nice colours but a twat of thing to blow.

RA entered the scene giving a DD to Carefree for use of the ‘V’ word which is apparently less offensive than c#nt??? Sir Prince informed us that Miscarriage is back where he belongs – Christmas Island (as one of Santa’s little helpers?) after a fortuitous flight cancellation.

POW missing again so no new recipient.

Other news – Blackie back home and doing well after keyhole surgery, Caustic enquired if he has had a dump yet. Apparently he’s dumped the bag as he couldn’t get shoes to match.

Dicky Knee’s woes have multiplied, mobile phone infringement, numerous car breakdowns, it’s a good job he’s on the big money at the mines.

Excel pet visiting next week, Splinter lunch on Friday (which was yesterday, yes I’m a bit behind this week. Apologies to all)

Charges – Aussie for the suns
– Caustic for opening his mouth

Next weeks run – Shat @ Budds Beach (where else)

Thanks to Sir AH for a great job at short notice and also to Two Dogs whom I forgot to thank last week.

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Some of the above may be untrue.

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