Run 1830

Run 1830
Date : 26th November 2012
Hare : VD
Venue : Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads
Runners 30 ish

Another great turnout at the picture perfect venue of Burleigh Heads. Against the backdrop of a setting sun over a gently stirring ocean, the pack assembled. Amidst the polite chatter of conversation and friendly greetings, we prepared to embark on a trail, which was described in very few words from our Hare.

Enjoying the warmth of a late spring evening cooled by a light sea breeze we trotted away towards to the obligatory Burleigh hill to be confronted by the first of several checks. The trail circumnavigated the base of the hill emerging on the highway and leading into Koala Park.

A few twists and turns later, a check offered the choice of up the hill or onto the nature trail. Following the hill trail I eventually hit the compulsory ‘what the hell does that marking mean?’, looked further found nothing, came back to the check to find I had been left adrift.

The trail followed the nature trail, with some very intermittent arrows, into a car park which lead to what I believe is West Burleigh road, without torch and with an ever decreasing quantity of arrows I landed at Reedy Creek road, where Truck Tyres pointed the way on.

Two streets later with no arrows evident I gave it up as a bad job, found Reedy Creek and chalked up my own ‘On Home’. The 8.6km I enjoyed, the trail not so much.

Back at the base camp the grill on the Hash trailer was being put to good use, heating up the horses douvers; namely huge snags served in bread with accompaniments. Fearing a repeat of Pizza’s ‘If you like the starter, you’re going to love the mains’ debarcle, a degree of hesitancy was evident by those returning to the grill for round two. No such bad luck, a small poultry had farm had been slaughtered to provide a massive stack of schnitzel which were served as burgers, very tasty, very fresh and lots of it. Dessert was served but for the life of me I cant remember what it was.

Appetites sated, the GM brought circle to bear, asking why we had ‘puffta arrows’ in the middle of the road.

Platypus stated ” very good run, but longer than am I used to, well marked” 8/10

Culinary critique was left in the hands of Iceman “not premier but alright, no beetroot, but dessert a change from ice cream”

Visitors/Returners – Platypus – Darwin, with us for a while yet, poor sod
Rocks off – pissed off after the food
Crocodile – grandpa duties yapoon
Head Job – no idea can’t understand a word he says

Reminder to all – Cocktail Party tonight, over 50 on the books (that’s numbers not age) Flavours, Brickworks, Ferry Road

DD head job, mobile phone in circle

The RA brought out Flasher for an explanation re the Salt and Pepper as a currency incident, then Botcho and Rectum for DD’s due to a complete misunderstanding.

Shat invaded the circle to enlighten us re the shenanigans at splinter lunch, including Jigsaws free salad and meal no-show (DD given) and to present a present to the present GM, a bomb-chuckers hat, very nice. Trying a little one-up-manship Crocodile brought out his pressy, an animal hide wine bottle holder (doesn’t everyone have one?) so when the bomb is chucked at least the GM will have a receptacle for the appropriate libation.

POW Blue Card selected Pizza (gourmet food), Flasher (dummy spit), Rug (banking without a licence), Botcho ( stolen funds) (bizarre oath taken). Botcho took the high ground and swallowed his pride (and the drink) just to stop another dummy spit from Flasher.

Next weeks run, Kitchen Bitch at Tallebudgera (somewhere near Perth apparently)

Iceman, AKA Jerry Seinfeld, catholic joke

End of circle

Thanks to VD and assistants

On On

Hang On a Sec
Don’t believe a word of it.

Friday 28th December Splinter Lunch: Reserve your seat at the table here

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