Run 1854

Run 1854
Date : 13th April 2013
Hare : Committee – Sewerage Remembrance Night
Venue : Alhambra Gardens Graveyard, Nerang
Runners 25ish

Thank God its nearly over.

Despite Zeus wreaking his displeasure on the Gold Coast and ensuring that nothing was left of the trail laid by our beloved GM, nothing appeared to be able to stop our merry ensemble from celebrating the lives of those dedicated to Hashing. Its hard to believe that it is that time of year already, another twelve months down the swany in the blink of an eye, but on the positive side, we have not lost anyone in the preceding twelve months.

Clearly a trail was out of the question, so seizing the opportunity to remain at the front end of the running pack, the GM declared everyone run alongside him. Those who occasionally overtook him suddenly found that they were on a false trail and were called back. A number of re-groups were called which coincidentally occurred when the GM was out of breath.

The route, for those unable to attend and interested, wound its way from the graveyard up Nerang Broadbeach road, through the railway station and under the motorway until railway street where those who wished to stretch their legs could on a sprint home. Not particularly long nor challenging but enough to clean the pipes out and justify two dessert helpings.

As usual, the two main front-runners were Miscarriage and Two Dogs but a noticeable effort was put in by Jigsaw.

Once we were all back (except Truckie who was lost again) the ceremony was conducted in the capable hands of Sir Prince Valliant.

Those lost in the last 35 years were identified as –

First Hill Tanner, Toothpick, Bilge Pump

Former GM’s – Geoff Maiden (344 runs, departed in 2002 at 60 years of age),
Sewerage (527 runs left us 19 years ago at 41 years of age)

Sewerage was responsible for clearing a floor of the Telstra building with his amazing bowel control and for the attendance of other Telstra Hashers namely
Josephine, Sir Rabbit, Commander and Old Fart.

A toast and Hymn were offered with a fitting tribute recorded by Sir Rabbit.

The pack reconvened at a park in Nerang with a backdrop of real athletes working out in the bandstand. Another personal trainer refusing to pay for premises.

Various members of the committee prepared the food but no dips were evident. (We were spoiled for choice last week). The mains were a chicken vindaloo, boiled rice and a gado gado. If the smell was anything to go by we were in for a treat and the taste certainly lived up to the expectation.

The first signs of senility were exhibited by Ferret,. who was pushed into second place in the food line by an over eager Two Dogs.

Dessert was a classic English trifle (none of that sloppy shit), served with a shovel. As most had partaken in several helpings of curry only a few went for seconds on the dessert. God help any of them getting the POW on top of all that.

Circle was called with the stand-in GM for the night absent. Iceman was too terrified to attend and take the reins, a fail to appear warrant was issued for contempt of the GM. Shat informed us all of Pizza’s continued election campaigning, well we all need a dream.

Caustic Crusader was selected as the (stand-in) stand-in GM and down a large swerving of Dutch courage en-route to the circle.

The power went to Caustic’s head quicker than Rolf Harris’ hand went up (you know the rest) and in an agitated uppity state he demanded the ice as he described the run as a debarcle.

Two Dogs was asked for his input, “ well marked, thanks to scruffy the dog, 3.86 km (and many other stats from Mr. Garmin), new runner seen on trail – ‘Flasher’ – joined the pack for once, under the conditions good, good length so we were back in time for the ceremony “

Of the food Ferret said “ One of Rabbits better curries, nice fluffy rice, tasted fine, not quite up to Rose Line standards “ All the committee out for a DD.

Congratulations offered to Sir Rabbit on his 1500th run to cries of ‘ice the b#st%rd’ and ‘get a life’. DD to a note from reg.

Visitor – Reg (a friend of Swindler) was immediately asked if he was gay, strange that it should be Caustic’s first question, a little too close to grooming for my liking.

Circumference was noted as ‘the most useless RA ever, so much rain you are a disgrace’. Flasher was asked to join in the tirade but acquiesced; Kitchen Bitch was not of the same disposition and assisted in the attack on Circumference.

Flasher was given a DD for pulling his head in, after a year of anti Muslim and anti hierarchy rants combined with an email blizzard.

A comment was made by Circumference about umbrellas and pufters missing from the pack?

Now Loved brought out Show Pony’s lost new shoes and despite Pony’s pleas of innocence a DD was taken from them.

DD to Truckie for arriving late to the ceremony.

Shat informed all of a bike ride at 8am Saturday morning at Kingscliffe bowls club (you best get moving its currently 7.08am). Show Pony arrived for it a week early so another DD.

Sir Prince showed everyone his new Tattoo/love bite and is now acknowledged as an official ‘complete idiot’ by his princess.

POW Miscarriage had to leave early so the GM stood in and selected –

Rug – lost on Thursday s hash run
Jigsaw – recorded 25GB of nothing on flash drives
Flasher – disparaging remarks about the trifle (jealousy)
Josephine – due to his yearlong proxy for the GM’s DD’s
Caustic – for making a terrible GM

Josephine was victorious due to his general dissent.

DD to Ferret who was outed by Croc as a fair weather golfer.

Two weeks to the AGPU

Next Weeks run – Swindler at Chevron Island

End of Circle by a reluctant Josephine

Big thanks to all the committee for pitching in, on what could easily be voted nosh of the year and especially to Mrs. Rabbit for the fantastic Gado Gado.

On On
Hang On a Sec
Don’t believe a word of it.

HHHello Hashers, Straight from the top, next years Hierarchy. If your name appears here you you could be one the lucky ones!! 2013-2014 Hierarchy

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