Run 1931

Run: 1931


Location: Coombabah

Hare: Sir Rabbit & Josephine

Runners: 27

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Brady Park Coombabah

Theme: “Around the Carrot Patch”

Tonight’s run started with Sir Rabbit turning up in his ute, using his master key to access the locked gate into Brady Park and then disgorging the contents of his ute, including BBQ, tables, stereo, chairs, a painter’s trestle, cooking implements and all manner of other interesting things. Rabbit’s words were most apt…”who needs the hash trailer when you’ve got all this shit!”

A motley crew of about 25 runners and walkers huddled together at the start, wondering if they were going to be rained on and were assured by the hare, Josephine, that there was absolutely no threat of rain…then it started spitting drops of rain. Luckily VD had brought along his triple-sized shade tent.

Josephine gave us all a run briefing, indicating he had used six kilos of flour, six rolls of toilet paper and various pieces of plasterboard in meticulously marking out the trail for the runners and it was exactly 7.242km in length, give or take 23 centimetres. The walkers got a written guide to their walking trail and off we all set. The run was an interesting one, very well marked in chalk, flour and toilet paper and even your trusty substitute to the substitute scribe was confident in being in the pitch dark bushland all by himself (whatever happened to the old adage “no man left behind”) fully knowing that the trail would be clearly marked for him to find his way home. The hare also did a sterling job in sweeping at various stages of the run to make sure that runners kept on trail. All in all, a great run and Josephine is to be congratulated on his efforts.

The nosh was prepared by Sir Rabbit and it did not disappoint, consisting of lovely, crisp chips, beetroot, pickled onions, mushy peas, a mixed leaf salad and choice battered or crumbed fish fillets, oven-baked and reheated on the BBQ. Dessert was apple pie and custard, again not disappointing. There were ample left over chips and several of us made traditional “chip buttie” sandwiches to round off the meal.

In the circle, Josephine was complemented on the quality of his run and Two Dogs thought that “he should do it every fucking week!”. The superlatives kept flowing with Shat feeling that Josephine had done a “marvellous, marvellous job” and Bent Banana continuing with “walk of the year!!”.

Brutus, a nosh expert, was asked for his opinion and said “lovely salad, best mushy peas!”. Weekly commented that “the beetroot was great!” and Kwakka “I had two goes at the chips”. What an excitable bunch of hashers we all are! The great leveller came from Sir Blackstump who commented that “the fish reminded me of the last time I dined at the Y…it was a c@#t of a fish!”.

The circle was initially presided over by the RA in the capacity as acting GM as our actual GM was feeling too traumatised to preside over the gathering, apparently on the outlandish pretext of having his feelings hurt by Ballpoint in last week’s words, wherein Ballpoint had apparently inferred that the venerable GM was a clown…whether or not this is true is was sufficient to get not only a down-down, but also a lengthy icing. Poor old Ballpoint!!

Just so he didn’t feel left out, Bent Banana also got an icing. Your trusty substitute to the substitute hash scribe can’t actually remember why this actually happened, but it is becoming such a regular occurrence that it doesn’t matter any more.

Veteran was awarded the “Prick of the Week”, minus the condom cap, the mounted member, the prick nose and glasses and the bag of porn, with the substitute Richard Cranium chicken being presented to him in lieu. What on earth has happened in my two week absence in Vietnam…the whole thing has become a debacle!!


Remember that money for the cocktail party is required by 15th November due to the fact that there are going to be lots of expenses that have to be paid for up front. No money by this date means you get scratched!!

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