Run 1990

Run 1990

Run: 1990

Date: 21-12-2015

Location: Surfers Paradise

Hares: Hierarchy

Runners: 39

Merry Christmas everyone!!!… It’s that time of year again…and no, it’s not bloody “happy holidays” or any other such politically correct expression…it’s merry bloody Christmas so a happy one to all Hashers and their families from yours truly and the rest of your BTB hierarchy (that’s “back to basics” btw)!!

 The lead-up:

 Thanks to all of those who undertook all of the preparation that went into making the Christmas run the success that it was, as it involves a lot of work, including discussions with operators of the various drink-stops, telling them that they have to cater for 35 Santas walking in en-masse at certain designated times and most importantly, the organisation of the venue for the dinner, so thank you Sir Two Dogs and Missing Link for the drink stop organisation and thank you Master of C.R.A.P, Nasty, for all your work in organising the venue for the dinner, Niccolini’s, which I am sure we all enjoyed.

The hiccup over which Nasty nearly had a heart attack, with the owner of Niccolini’s telling him at the last minute that having a girl with no top on would be entirely not acceptable, ended up working out OK, with our girl, Crissie, working the tables very professionally and I am sure that we all found her good fun! You will all agree that she was a good sport in the park before we set off to our drink stops!!

The “pre-lube” was held in the park above Bruce Bishop carpark, where our GM, Rug, had organised the nibblies, which consisted of smoked salmon and capers, olives, salami, humos, sausage rolls, chips, crackers and various other delicacies. A fine treat Rug, and thank you! We all devoured it with passion!!

The booze-masters, Brewtus and Weekly, were spared from having to drive tonight as they were capably assisted in getting the booze to the park by our Master of C.R.A.P, Nasty, again thank you for giving the guys a night off from driving.

It was pleasing to see that some of our more infrequent attendees came out of the woodwork to join in the festivities, including Elvis, Swollen Colon, Fucks Off and Big Mac, to name a few. Lurch, whose life has somewhat unravelled of late, was a late starter, missing all but the last drink stop so it was good to see him there too!

We all missed seeing Showpony on the night, wondering if he had taken to heart the debacle of the previous week and with some Hashers having heard that he was “going to give Hash a bit of a break…like about a year”…..come on Showpony, you’re one of us…we want you back…the debacle happened, you copped shit in true Hash fashion, you apologised and it’s all over…got it? It’s all over!!!  Future absences will be looked upon extremely unfavourably!!!

The “Run”

The first drink stop on the “run” tonight was at the Fiddler’s Green on Cavill Avenue where we all imbibed at leisure before moving on to the second drink stop, the Lansdowne Road Irish Tavern where our accompanying girl, Crissie, made a few eyeballs pop out when she started flashing some of the drinkers present…the incident with the two gay Japanese guys was funny….and speaking of Japanese, out of somewhere there appeared Miscarriage’s twin brother, funnily enough also dressed in a Santa suit and proceeded to chat up two Japanese girls sitting outside…the conversation did indeed look intense and I am sure that phone numbers were being exchanged….hmmmm….that reminds me that one of our Hashers… names mentioned, but newly single I believe, asked me for a certain participant’s phone number…and no, that participant is not a male!!…hmmmm.

From there we moved, after the regulation two pints each, along Surfers Paradise Boulevarde, through the Hilton complex and onto Cavill Mall for our final drink stop, Kitty O’Shea’s on Cavill Mall. Missing Link and yours truly had been advised by the manager of this establishment on our pre-run reccie of the drinkstops that our girl would be welcome and “as long as she stays inside the premises she can do what she likes” which meant that we were all treated to a bit of an “eye-full”, as were a couple of young blokes sitting at the bar who got a bit hot under the collar!!!… that is the sort of welcome we like from any venues we attend!!   Good fun had by all here!! From there, it was more mayhem and yahooing through the mall, wishing everybody good cheer, including the two “statue” buskers…on on to the dinner venue!!

The dinner and “circle”

Well, I will keep this brief, but what looked like being a total Hash debacle and quite frankly, a total “fuck up” ended up (as I predicted it would happen Link!) a corker of a night, with great food, plenty of wine and beer and with much merriment happening during the course of the dinner, one of the highlights being a very enthusiastic and animated rendition of “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”, led by Elvis, Caustic and Flasher….it was side-splittingly funny. An added bonus…the threatened intolerance regarding our girl never really happened and she worked the tables very capably, joining in the festivities and bringing a smile to a lot of the faces in the crowd!! Onya Crissie!!

Our esteemed GM got up on a chair at the end of the night for an impromptu circle and to thank everybody for coming and to wish all a Merry Christmas…I could have sworn he was talking jibberish thanks to the effects of alcohol….both on him and myself!!

Nasty, as Master of C.R.A.P you have excelled yourself…thanks a heap mate..I know you stressed it…told you it would all work out on the night…you certainly pulled a rabbit out of the hat!


Fanny Charmer

On Sec.


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