Run 2001

Run 2001

Run: 2001

Date: 29/2/2016

Location: Reedy Creek

Hares:Caustic Crusader

Hashers: 22

No, you haven’t entered the twilight zone…like the 13th Floor doesn’t exist in many buildings, run 2000 has been postponed to a later date to become the run of the 21st Century, culminating in the celebrations that will take place at Boonah.

So tonight we were treated to the 2001 “Space Odyssey” run, also known as Caustic’s birthday run and it was no disappointment, as Caustic, tonight’s hare, always likes to set a good bush run in challenging locales and tonight’s run was up to the usual standard by all accounts.

The run:

The run started from the barbeque area at the top of Observatory Drive at Reedy Creek where we all gathered…..what a top spot!!…great facilities, great views, a lovely lake with noisy frogs, and plenty of bush and hills! Our hare explained that he had set a “short” run/walk of approximately 4 kms and a longer run for the “serious runners” of about 7km. Following the lead of our injured GM, yours truly decided that a walk would be appropriate tonight, given the fact that it was stinking hot and the muscles are still sore from lots of exercise on the weekend. Truckie, a late-starting runner came up behind us and left us in his dust, calling us all a pack of “lard-balls”!!!

To the cries of “on on”, it was off up the hill with the “serious runners” leaving most of us in their wake as they disappeared off into the bush….I have no idea whatsoever where the other walkers went, but myself, Nasty, the GM, Rock Hard and our visitor, Nick from St Louis in Missouri religiously followed the walkers trail, in and out of bush, up hill and down dale and we all commented “this is a bloody well marked trail!!”. Indeed it was…Caustic is to be commended for one of the best-marked trails in recent history. Weekly disappeared from view a short way into the walk, probably deciding to follow a member of the fairer sex out for a walk who was heard to say “if you follow me I’ll lead you up the garden path!”….to which Weekly responded “yes please!”.

Many of us commented that the run location was awfully familiar, being the site of one of Caustic’s previous runs…what a surprise when Caustic said that this was about two years ago!!….bloody hell!!…time certainly does fly!

Unfortunately numbers were a bit down tonight, around 22, with some being overseas and others being inexplicably “in absentia”…..a tad disappointing for Caustic in particular, who had put so much effort into making the night special.

The Nosh:

Prior to the Nosh being ready for consumption, Caustic announced to the gathered masses “ok you lot, I’ve emptied out my three fridges and there’s an assortment of birthday beers in that black esky for you”…and what a bloody assortment it was!!…the highlight for me were the BigHead carb-free ales…bring it on!! When the GM saw me chugging away on one of those he said “shit, if I’d known he had those, I wouldn’t have gone onto wine!”…well done Caustic, a lovely treat!!tub

We all knew we were going to be in for a gastronomic delight tonight when KB stepped up to the plate to dish out the nosh…we all know he would not be seen dead with anything other than haute-cuisine!

Starters were some lovely marinated chicken drumsticks served with Turkish bread…Circumference and others were heard to say “geez, after this lot, who needs a mains!”…..but wait, there was more….much more!!….a lovely chicken curry on a bed of white rice with sides of veges and yoghurt and cucumber….some Hashers going back for seconds (me!) and thirds and fourths (no names!)…..and just as we were all about to explode, the call came out “dessert’s on you pricks!”….. carrot cake which we were assured was home-baked and two tubs of Coles gourmet ice-cream which Botcho admitted was consumed in large quantities in his household…around three tubs a week…”but cappa and I are trying to cut it down to two a week now”. Highly recommended…and under $5 a tub! In all, a brilliant nosh and certainly a great example of how to get the “gourmet” back into the Hash!!

The Circle:

The GM welcomed us all to Caustic’s birthday run “in the stratosphere”, probably meaning one of the highest points on the Gold Coast and immediately sought a run report from Miscarriage, one of the few “serious runners” tonight… “well marked run…overall I would rate it as very good!”…and Rock Hard curiously described the walk as “testing the bones”.

Caustic made his way to front and centre to get a well deserved down-down for a great run and walk, for a great nosh and for our superb rendition at the top of our voices of “Hashy Birthday”…congratulations to you Caustic! Truckie, unusually being lost for words tonight, could only describe the nosh as “quite good!”….that would have to be an understatement!!

KB was called out to join Caustic as part of the catering team…what a treat to have you able to join us KB…keep flogging those Jags and Range Rovers!!

Next out the front was our visitor from St Louis Missouri, Nick, invited by Nasty tonight..the look on his face just about said it all… “have I been abducted by a pack of lunatic aliens???”

Over to our RA, who immediately brought Sir Blackstump out for a well deserved down down for wearing his trousers back to front… “I couldn’t be fucked taking them off and putting them on the right way when I realised what I had done” he said!…let’s hope he puts his helmet on the right way around when he’s racing his Porsche around the Phillip Island circuit next week!

Next victim out the front…yawn, yawn, not again…yep…Miscarriage…this time for putting a decoy in place and getting his missus to run for the local council elections!!

Miscarriage tried…yet again…to bring a trumped up charge against an innocent Hasher…this time Jigsaw…this is getting so routine that I have stopped listening so apologies for the lack of information.

Weekly came out the front and opened an envelope containing two coins, one a 5 Philippines peso coin and the other one a South African rand coin…the first one being donated to Jigsaw who is off to the Philippines soon and the other one to Caustic because it was probably him who tossed in the beer bucket in the first place!!

Back to the GM to close proceedings and he ended up with a joke…one relating to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski…apparently what he actually said to her, after suffering through an awful meal cooked by the White House chef was “sack my cook!!!”….oh dear….on that note Josephine announced “end of circle”!!

Next week’s run is at Carrara…the dog park on Robina Parkway just north of Boowaggan Road…courtesy of Miscarriage and Fanny Charmer.

That’s all folks!!

Fanny Charmer

On Sec.


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