Run 2045…Hare: Truck Tyres

Run 2045


Location: Burleigh

Hare: Truck Tyres

Hashers: 20

Truck Tyres stepped up to the plate as a late replacement hare for the
New Year run in what is well known as Caustic Crusader’s hashing
territory. A cursory glance of the BOM website revealing a massive
weather system slowly creeping towards the GC from down Byron Bay way
was the stimulus for the GM to show some leadership and get the show on
the road in the absence of the hare. So up the hills through the
lantana, the pack headed east and onwards towards the boardwalk around
Fleay’s wildlife sanctuary. Most hashers dropped off at various stages
to head home for some icy cold refreshments. However Hot Dick, Flasher,
Miscarriage and Magician struggled through the humidity and did the
whole alleged 9 klms. If that was the case, on the times they did, then
they would have all medalled in the long distance events in the 1956
Melbourne Olympic Games.

The hare had been sighted during the run, at the venue, setting up the
trailer before he was off again until returning, so at various stages he
had set up , shopped and got the nosh organised as Kitchen Bitch
assisted. Under threatening skies, an early circle was called and Truck
Tyres was called up and he brought with him some entrée dips. High
marking run critic, Flasher, was asked to comment on the run and
enthused that it was – A Fucking Good Run, the best so far in 2017 !
Shat told a story about the adventures of several hashers while
travelling to the December Splinter Hash lunch on the G light rail. In a
comedy of errors, the hashers tried to get out of the doors and get off
on the wrong side of the platform and while trying to hit buttons to get
off the train, it took off. Hard On, Swindler and Bren Gun were the
comedy team involved and apparently their antics brought tears to the
little old ladies seated in their carriage on the light rail around
them. All of this took place on the way to lunch, while they were all
completely sober.

Returning hasher from SE Asia, the Big O was called out and began
telling a story about his dick and rubbing crocodile oil on it and then
about something falling out of a tree and as all agreed the story was
too confusing he was given his down down and evicted from the circle.
Hot Dick now a permanent resident of Randwick in that cockroach infected
state south of Coolangatta was given a down down and then mentioned his
island holiday home in the Pacific playground is available for hash use.

Miscarriage who went south to Melbourne, over the festive period, to do
some work for his father had another tale of misfortune of missing keys
, searching Bunnings in Preston, $754 later and all because of hash
issued shorts with no pockets in them and to top it off another hash
farcup with the spelling on the reverse side of his milestone shirt
emblazoned with incorrect spelling – MISCARRAIGE. Two Dogs, a
representative of the previous committee involved in those giveaway
matters was called up and took a coldie for that committee’s role.

Current POW from December 2016, Ferret, has carried over the award into
the New Year and it will be offloaded at next week’s run when a hare and
venue have been organised. Kitchen Bitch has jumbo Santa suits for sale
at $7.50 each. After you have had them for awhile, they may even go down
on you

The circle was quickly closed as Truck Tyres announced it was time to
serve up tasty wraps of chicken, ham, salad and condiments. As all
munched away on the nosh, a couple strolled up to the tables and asked
if the hash were using the Girl Guides hall beside where the
tables/chairs had been set up. They advised that their group wanted to
use it and we could join them if we liked. An inquisitive hasher asked
what they did in the hall and when told, he replied  – No thanks , we
are a masticating group, not a meditating group and invited them to join
us to which they politely declined. The GM supplied a carton of Jap
birthday beers to the delight of all and they complimented the meal.

A little bit of rain , some lighting and thunder signalled that it was
time to get the flock out of there. Truck Tyres rushed out the desserts
of tinned fruits and ice cream and it was quickly consumed as the
heavens opened up and hashers made a run for their transport .

After another evening of good times , Truck Tyres has set the benchmark
for GC hashing in 2017.

This run brought up the RPR number 30 milestone.

Yours in hashing

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