Run 2057…Hares : Dicky Knee-Circumference-KB

Run 2057

Run: 2057


Location: Coombabah

Hare: Dicky Knee-Circumference-KB


We have all had our experiences while setting runs and this one was no different. As I emerged from the car park heading into the woods, I hear this local yell out – There’s toilets down the road , mate. So he’s formed this opinion that if you are carrying a roll of toilet paper and a piece of gyprock, you are going to take a dump in his neighbourhood. Anyhow I figured that if he is a person that jumps to conclusion like that, it’s best to ignore him because if tried to explain hash to him, he would probably have the coppers raid us that evening thinking it was some drug related group in the park.
Grassy Park (aka Mosquito Park) was the venue for Dicky Knee’s third run setting in 10 years. He put together a crew to look after the minor issues like setting the run and organising the nosh. Quick instructions had the runners and walkers heading off around the back blocks of Coombabah. At a check, the walkers went east and the walkers went west. After about 45 minutes, both groups were back at the venue and sipping on the free $1 Crownies supplied by birthday boy, Kwakka. Dicky Knee and KB were hard at work preparing multiple courses. First up was pork belly and apple sauce before
the main spaghetti meal which was from a secret KB family recipe. It was all very quite as hashers filled up quickly on the superb nosh. Next up Dicky Knee served his packaged ice creams, showing how good he can be with his Master Chef desserts.
Returning GM Rock Hard announced a circle warning and all arose and formed a pretty orderly group. Into the circle came Dicky Knee and his
subbies, KB and Circumference to have a drink for their efforts. Fanny Charmer enjoyed the run but stated he would have enjoyed it more if the run had gone into the environmental park, no doubt the hundreds of mosquitoes in there would have enjoyed it too with all those hashers to munch on. Weekly remarked the walkers had got the runners share of mossies as there swarms of them on the walk.
Returners and virgins, Peter, Steve and Crit were welcomed with down downs next.
The RA stepped in and announced the pick up times and activities planned for the Aprils Fool’s Day wine tour.  Ferret got his third down down in three weeks for questioning the bus pick-up times and the planning of the date of the wine tour being the day after the splinter lunch. He just happens to be on the committee responsible for the wine tour.
In a Debbie does 3 hashers moment, Brutus, Elvis and Hard On were called into the circle as property owners in the Mackay/Whitsunday region fully aware that their properties were in the firing line of mother nature’s imminent cyclone. As North Qlders know that although most of the year, they live in a tropical paradise, every now and then all hell breaks loose on that one rare day and hell hath no fury like a woman storm. Especially when that woman’s name is Debbie and she’s not doing her thing in Dallas but giving a nice slow 263 kph blow job on Hamilton Island.
Sir Prince Valiant told how the GC Rugby Union has mentioned Moonbeam’s contribution to the game in Qld at a weekend game. KB suggested a hymn would be appropriate and Sir Botcho was invited to sing the opening line. Kwakka got a birthday drink and Blue Card told a joke about using Viagra Lite for assistance in getting half a fat.
The carryover POW, Carefree, nominated Nasty, Blue Card and Truck Tyres as candidates for the new holder. Blue Card was the winner for engaging Carefree to ride his bicycle for 3.5 humid hours to assist him on his weekend ramble fund raiser while  Blue Card chilled out on the Broadwater.
Caustic Crusader reminded all that the early bird price for the 2018 Commie Hash closes this week.
Nasty mentioned his nosh at next week’s run would be to die for or was that to die from.
Ferret was pleased to be asked to close RPR 42. A changing of the guard since the passing of Moonbeams.
Yours in hashing

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