Run 2065…AGPU Hares: Hierarchy

Date:22th May. 2017…………………………….
Location:Chevron Island…………………………..
Run Pictures…………………………………………….


The Year That was 2016-17 Year Book

A review of the 2016/2017 AGPU(just in case you had some CRAFT issues on
Tuesday morning) and don’t realise you are now on the new committee.

Beers and nibbles in the park from 4:30 pm onwards.
Drink stop at Obsessions bar on Chevron Island.
Next drink stop at either 160 or 360 Bar at Bundall.
Lots more beers and wine at the Soddom and Gomorrah Club (soon to be
renamed the GC Hash clubhouse).
A good feed of roasts /salads followed by dessert choices of pav/fruit
salad/ice cream or blueberry tart. Port and Belgian chocolates.
Speaking of tarts a couple of lasses wandered around the venue , one
with big jugs and the other just fake news from top to bottom – tan ,
tits everything down to her stilettos.

As the outgoing GM, Rock Hard, slipped me a piece of paper to report on
the evenings activities , here goes –


BEST RUN        Now Loved (and he got POW for it on the evening)
WORST RUN    Nasty (A Drink Stop in an unlit known druggies hangout park
in Sorrento where there have been stabbings)
BEST NOSH     Dicky Knee’s run ( with assistance from KB and
Circumference) Best Outsourcing Ever by a Hare
WORST NOSH Phantom ( Even his dog passed out after eating)
THE YEAR        Sir Prince Valiant / Miscarriage(for the services
rendered to Showpony and Moonbeams before their passing)
Sir Botcho (Webmaster Extraordinarre)
THE YEAR       Phantom (Treason –  attempting to remove the Gourmet from
the GC Hash charter)

2017 -2018 COMMITTEE

ON SEC             Sweat Hog (elected in his absence)

HASH CASH      Jigsaw


MASTER            Truck Tyres(backing up for another year)

BOOZE              Josephine( who says after 29 years GC hashing he
doesn’t even know his assistant)
MASTERS         Poxy(elected in his absence)

RA                      Iceman

GM                     Blue Card

After all this joviality, it was everyman for himself to find their way
home to their residences. My trip to the northern suburbs with Josephine
and Sir Rabbit started off with a 2 klm walk to the light rail. For Sir
Rabbit it was 3 klms, with his 2 steps forward and 1 step sideways gait
as he attempted to hold his tracky dacks up while he made his way to
Surfers Paradise. In Southport, after embarking off the light rail we
crossed over to a taxi who sped off just as we were about to hire him.
So back to walking towards Chirn Park when another cabbie sees us and
pulls over. He tells us he saw that the elderly gentleman (Sir Rabbit)
looked like he was in a bit of trouble, so thankfully this cabbie by the
name of John dropped the “elderly gentleman”, wearing the baggy green
cap who was more pissed than Boonie after a plane flight of drinking
cans to Heathrow, Sir Rabbit off first and then yours truly.

The RPR era is now well and truly finished and for those who wondered
what RPR meant at the end of each report but were afraid to ask for fear
of ridicule , it was the Rock Party Run.

It’s now over and out for this former On Sec
Yours in hashing


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