Run 2130…Phantom

Date: 27th August  2018………………………….
Location: Bundall ……………………………….
Runners: 35…………………………………………….
Run Pictures………………………………………….

Venue: Phantom Castle, Sorrento.

Quote by Sweathog, Acting Booze Master and Official R.A.:

‘I go the gym every morning’

Maybe that is why he is multi skilled?

Ask him about it. There is more to it.

The Nosh:

Fuller pronounced it – Delicious!

Course 1: Your choice of pumpkin or onion soup with croutons.

I had onion as I had had homemade pumpkin soup on Sunday evening. My onion soup was delicious and accompanied by buttered bread.

Course 2: Sumptuous baby pies and sausage rolls with hand made sauce – divine.

By this stage the hounds were almost sated and conversation had reduced to a whisper.  Some notables led by Bren Gun went back for seconds and thirds. Indeed, after 3-7 samples many were staggering back to their chairs in the 4-car garage.

But wait – there was more!!

Course 3:

When all had settled back into their seats and were rubbing their tummies or falling asleep, out came trays of Chilli con Carne nestled in soft Taco shells.


Surely that was it and Phantom and his team of Older Brother Graeme and Son in Law Peter would be forgiven if they did not offer dessert.


Course 4:

This time we had to drag ourselves to our feet and move to the inner garage where the Corvette is wrapped. There we were offered Pasta Bolognese – delicious. Bolognese sauce rich in tomato and al dente pasta. Serious trenchermen staggered back with steaming plates while others looked on in awe. Botcho commented that your scribe might be over indulging. But why not? This was good Nosh.

Ok, that was it.

But no!!

Course 5: The host and his helpers then produced carrot cake freshly cooked and with whipped cream. They even provided plate and spoons/forks.

Finally there was no more. The assembled multitude relaxed finally convinced that they had enjoyed a feast to rival the great ones that had taken place in the previous two weeks.

Seamlessly the GM called for the furniture to be packed away to groans from the mob that was hoping for a seated Circle while they recovered.

A table was reserved for the GM to place his paraphernalia and your scribe was also given a table and chair to ensure the Words were recorded correctly.

The Circle:

Run Report:

The runners were picked up in a Maxi Taxi and taken to Royal Pines Resort. On arrival at the entrance they had expectations of a quite night of luxury. Not so – they had to run 5km home with no markings all the while carrying Arsenic who had damaged a fetlock.






Walk report:

A gentle real estate tour around Sorrento checking out Kwakka’s first house that he built between 1900 & 1976 and baying at the yellow moon, which was at the end of every street. Well marked and a good length. Some tricky detours up lanes that fooled Shat, Sir Slab and Hard On. Even Swindler and VD would have been confused, but they weren’t with us.

GM’s Bike Ride report: 15 riders even though there were plenty of competitive events.

GM’s Lunch: Sunday 4th November. $45/head. Pay now to ensure a seat. Free everything.

Splinter Lunch Report: at Goa, Tedder Avenue. $125 raised for Drought Appeal. Well done Circumference! Swollen Colon stole your scribe’s machine gun case but was caught by RA and given a Down Down. Thanks for looking after it Swollen.

Ferret was also given a Down Down to mark his success in winning the Bridge to Brisbane Run. Maybe that was the mature age class?

RA told a lovely story about the Pope in Ireland and a wheelchair drunk who missed a miracle.

Next weeks Run: Nasty at Cascade Gardens.

The GM told us ‘ You cannot make the poor richer by making the rich poorer ‘

Author: Winston Churchill

And finally he saved any pain to usual suspects by announcing the end of circle himself

End of Circle – 9.03pm


The suburb:

Sorrento was developed during the 70’s by Sir Bruce Small who was mayor around that time – is history repeating itself now with our much loved developer mayor? Sir Bruce had just finished Isle of Capri and had some sand leftover. What to do? Why not another Italian masterpiece?

History suggests he did well. Both suburbs command high prices.

Bruce Small, as he was originally, was a blow-in from Melbourne but born in Sydney. He made his first fortune making Malvern Star [a Melbourne suburb] Bikes and flogging them through his General Accessories wholesale business. At one point he had 100+ stores and 1000+ dealers.

He gave Hubert Opperman his first good bike. Oppy went on to compete in the Tour du France when it went into the night and many other long European races.

In 1956 the Tandem winners in the Melbourne Olympics rode a Malvern Star.

On On,

Acting Scribe



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