Run 2138…Shat & Kwakka

Date: 22nd October  2018……………………..
Location:Chevron Island ……………………….
Runners: 40…………………………………………..
Run Pictures……………………………………..

Chevron Island. Shat Residence.

This was a perfect evening for a run. Shat’s residence or double garage was well lit and had plenty of room to accommodate all hash runners.

The GM Weekly called together the runners, and tonight’s run explained to them. S-Bends, the booze master advised that the beers would be one Dollar. Wine and other drinks remained the usual price. This brought cheer to all the runners.

Miss Carriage arrives late with his newly acquired stainless steel wire brace, as he broke one of his fingers. That cow that cow kicked him a few months ago, has not forgiven him. It is no good pointing fingers at any one. He later explained that he accidently fell for her. (He has to be more cow full in the future.) But in good sprit as always, he sprinted away to catch up to the other runners.

The nosh was excellent and was prepared by Botcho, Black Stump and S-Bends. The grilled salmon was to die for. Plenty of fresh salads complemented the fish dish. The dessert was vanilla ice cream with a generous helping of sticky date pudding. If you were not at this hash run, you missed a great nosh.

8:45pm.  Our GM Weekly disguised as Winton Churchill opened the circle. He had a whinge about his cigar that went missing again. He turned to Ball Point to enquire if he helped himself to it once again!     Ball Point always gets it in the neck. Wonder why?

Returning runners.    Kwakka, Slab, Miss Carriage, Shat, Poxy, Hot Dick, Prince Valliant.  Keith and Arthur.   A cheerful down down was ordered for them all.

Hare.  This was Shat and a jolly down down was awarded to him for his good efforts.

Some how on the run Sir Prince and Shat could not solve how to prise open a pole fence. Aussie came along and saved the night for all to get through.

Run report.   This was delivered, short and sweet, by Foxtrot Oscar.   “It was a good run”.

Miss Carriage was called into the circle and he explained what misadventure took place to break his finger.

We were informed that Rock Hard was out of hospital after his treatment and was recovering well. He liked to thank all his hash mates for all their communications with him.  Phone a friend and ask. Are you OK mate?

Ice Man joked about one of the hash fellows whom had the same name, that of a well-known criminal.

Brewtus gave the down down to Peter.

The RA told a joke of a person that he had so much sex that he died from over indulgence.

Shat calls on Hard On to tell a story about a bottle of wine that a lady from Costa Dora Restaurant gave him. This half finished bottle of red wine was placed into his backpack when he was offered a lift home. The cork came out and the red wine leaked out all over the seats and floor carpets. A big clean up had to be done. Not only the wine was red that day.

Bruce was called to entre the circle and a down down was awarded to him for past mishaps.

The GM was showered with gifts. A Swiss Army Knife was presented by Shat. Kawaka followed up by presenting a cap that had built- in sunglasses. Magician presented a black skullcap; it doubled up to be used as a scarf and a bandanna.  The GM will look good as a hit man.

POW.  Fanny Charmer wanted to present this to Bren Gun. A few weeks back while Shat was away, he did not allow the hash runners to raid Shat’s wine cellar.

After some debate, the POW was presented to Sweat Hog, as he will be away in a few weeks time.

Sweat Hog told a joke about why Hungry Jacks is loosing customers.

Booze Master report.    Reminder about Friday’s luncheon.

Jig Saw is progressing well and now is out of hospital. All hash mates wish him and his family well. Give him a ring.    Are you OK mate?

Next weeks run. Botcho reminds runners that it is Halloween night and to be dressed for it.

There was abuse and nuisance toward the GM. Missing Link was pulled into the circle for his bad behavior and took a down down.

Quote of the Week.  Winston Churchill.   “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results”.

9:25pm. Circle closed by Foxtrot Oscar.

On On

Fuck All

On Sec






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