Run 2143…Sir Rabbit & Sir Jo

Date: 26th November¬† 2018……………………..
Location:Southport ……………………………..
Run Pictures……………………………………..

Another venue provided by our newest sponsor -Southport RLFC was the choice of the hares. The hash seems to be on a roll with a few GC sporting clubs who provide us with these wonderful venues at next to nothing rental. Sir Jo gave a quick quantitative and qualitative analysis of the trails and very modestly suggested it could be very well ROTY (Run of the Year).
The twenty runners and walkers headed off towards the east and after crossing a few streets and parks found themselves in the shadows of the light rail bridge near Smith Street, then through some virgin bush near Baretta Street, into Queen Street and around the creek at the back of the cemetery before returning home.
S Bends had a fire sale on some beers and these specials were snapped up pretty quickly. Sir Rabbit was doing a bit of pot stirring before announcing that the nosh was ready to go. First up was Kai Si Ming followed by New York Style baked cheese cake for dessert. There was plenty of left and takeaways of the Asian dish were proving popular.
Some of the elder statesmen of the hash keen for an early night urged the GM to keep proceedings moving and the call for a circle went up. In due course, Arse Nic prepared the down downs and the GM got his agenda underway with KB called out as a returning runner. Sir Slab was next out as he was tired and sore after a 7.5 hike with a some other GC hashers out Mt Barney way at the weekend.
The GM decided he would do the very glowing reports on trails and nosh. Apparently the run was 5.5 klms and the walk about 3.0 klms. Iceman seized upon the moment by questioning the GM as how he could comment as he was sighted on the runners trail.
Bad move, Iceman, as you almost got to sit on part of the your name.  Down downs went to the hares for their efforts with Sir Rabbit soon back for another his dual citizenship passport awarding ceremony with Arse Nic.
Slug was announced as having reached the 200 run milestone with the GC Hash, although he has over a thousand runs with various hashes in the Southern Hemisphere. This never ceases to amaze the GM who claims he never sees Slug running. Sir Slab was called out for booking a table at restaurant for hashers under the name of Bruce or was it Brews ! Mr November, aka Skyhook, was given $20 from the hash for his top lip whisker growing for charity.
The GM mentioned the Xmas party on 17 December which may or may not start at Budds Beach after our last warning from security at Bruce Bishop car park.
It would appear that the POW is on holidays, somewhere in Asia. When Sweat Hog returns hopefully it will have gotten through customs with him.
Sir Two Dogs produced a GC Bulletin article headed – HHH marks four decades shaping the Coast. Who would have thought that after spending about $1 million over the years that the hash monetary policy of spending on alcohol, food, alcohol, clothing, alcohol, screen printing, alcohol, adult entertainment and did I mention alcohol that the GC hash would have proved such an economic stimulus to the GC economy.
Then it keeps giving to the medicine and hospital industries with body replacements and bike riding accidents, by the way did I mention alcohol as I do remember one Nasty incident. Just a quick shout out from the GC hash to Swindler who is recuperating from some knee surgery.
S Bends announced that next weeks run was be all Scottish affair to mark St Andrews day with kilts in and haggis out and another ex Scot hasher may also give a tent assembling display which was previously demonstrated at the weekend’s Mt Barney event.
Stay tuned for future updates on hash events on 24/31 December around the Main Beach area.
This Friday’s Splinter lunch will be at a Thai restaurant in Southport near the Woolworths/old Sundale site/ light rail station.
The GM concluded the circle with quotes from Churchill and Lincoln. Shat closed the proceedings for the evening.
Down the track all will be revealed in the circle about a certain hasher at a recent GC event and believe me , there is photographic evidence and as we know the camera does not lie.
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