Run 2193…Carefree & Wrongway

Date: 11th November 2019…………………
Location: Arundel …………………………..

Run Pictures………………………………………..

As the pack gathered for Carefree‘s birthday run it became obvious that, just like the foundations of his investment property, it would all be done with smoke and mirrors.
There were early signs that the timing for the night’s event might be a little awry. The trailer booked for 5:45 arrived right on 5:45, Truckie Time, which was in fact, 6:15 Eastern Standard Time.
Runners and walkers headed off into the smokey twilight, however the promise of running in the bush was a little over stated, as we padded around the pavement for an enjoyable 30 minutes.
Back at the bucket, the tables and chairs were all set up and Truckie had done a masterful job of rejigging the swinging Lantern. All was in readiness for the expected nosh.
However it became evident that the scheduling department was still having teething problems as Carefree paced up and down the driveway like diarrhoea sufferer waiting for an empty cubicle, with his mobile phone running hot. Uber Eats were lost.
Ever-resourceful, the GM called the circle early to avoid the evening spilling over into Tuesday morning.
The run and walk reports by Rug and Sweathog pointed out the obvious lack of bush, either in bodily form or natural foliage. But as Sir Prince noted, the fact that the hare, ably assisted by Wrongway, could set a run on his 80th birthday, was true testament to the fortitude of the hashman.
Returning runners, in the form of Miscarriage, Phantom, Sir Jo and Wikipedia entered the circle for their Down Downs. Sir Jo regaled the throng with his love of touring the southern parts of the country, especially Victoria and Miscarriage presented a Venetian Boat Captain’s hat for either the GM or Carefree, which the GM immediately claimed, as it was also his birthday.
Sir Slab was then invited to have a down down to celebrate his departure to the Indochina Mekong Hash representing the Gold Coast kennel.
As a follow-up to Ball Point’s email bemoaning the loss of his “Make Hash Great Again” hat, he was called into the circle and reminded about his taking the piss out of Weekly when his very significant “run hat” went missing. Well done to KB for an excellent piss take and reminder that people who live in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones.
After Weekly reminding the gathering of Carefree Splinter lunch next Friday, Rug advised next week’s run was from his usual spot in Hansford Road with five star cuisine to follow.


There was no prick of the week this week as the current holder was an absentee.
At this time, out of the smoky gloom, appeared and Uber Eats man carrying the promised nosh.  Chabbi’z Tandoori Kitchen and had finally found the venue and didn’t disappoint with a great meal and plenty of it.
The desert then followed with chocolate profiteroles and cream/ice cream to finish off what turned out to be a great evening and a celebration of Carefree‘s 80th birthday.


At this point your ever-vigilant scribe did a runner and left the remaining revellers to enjoy the remainder of the evening and, hopefully, not upset the neighbours.


Note from Birthday Boy – Carefree:

Thanks to those who adjusted to the request for non-use of profanity in their announcements. Relaxed neighbours are all important.

As to the six arseholes who ignored the request – they will not be named, as an Act of Kindness.



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