S Bend sent this one in

Report from Run 001 KYD 4217 Main Beach Hash! (KYD = Keep Your Distance)

Precisely at 17:30 with a darkening sky, blustery southerly and rain in the offing, a small pack of one set off towards Tedder to take an early left loop vis Carefree’s Villa by the Sea, then back up to check out the Choristers favourite hang out, Shucks, boarded up for the coming winter. Then missing out The Hogs renovated masterpiece off to Malibu and a visit to Swollen’s point before looping past Wrongway’s magnificent abode and Poxy’s new high rise.
Back along the beachfront to KY’s beach pad. Thence to the Surf Club previously famous for $5 Pints and the Yacht Club before heading home.
The circle was a quiet affair and was followed by numerous down downs.
All in all a top night that augurs well for the future.
Visitors welcome – Rule One Applies, BYOB

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