Run: 1718
Hare: Arseup & VD
Location: Ashmore
Date: 4th Oct, 2010

Summer must be here !!!!

Our Hash numbers are on the increase!!

27,28,29 FUCK !!! say VD.

The pack gathers in the middle of beautiful Benowa for VD’s third run this year (should have it right by now!!) Arse-up has set a trail through the scrub and around the hills of Benowa … markings are under trees and lights where ever possible and the recent heavy rain appears to be staying away….. Amazing the powers of our R/A !!!
31,32,33 FUUUUUUUUCK !!!! VD calls KB in ……..Portion control!!! Portion control!!!

The pack heads out into the wilds and the walkers take a leisurely stroll around the hills, only to spot Sir Prince leaving out the side gate of a property….. “just popped in for a coldly” ………….Where’s ours???

The pack gathers back at the park with excellent comments flowing on the run!!

34,35 FUCK 36

More water in the soup KB !!!

GM Flasher calls “circle in 5 Minutes”

Able assistant Dicky Knee calls “Circle in 5 Minutes”

The beer flows freely and the rumor spreads that the Booze Master MAY have secured an assistant booze master and we will soon be back on the “ Keg gig” real soon.

Flasher calls circle in 3 Minutes.

Dicky Knee calls circle in 4 Minutes ????

Sir AH is hiding from the R/A … figures that painting job cannot have gone well with all this rain … “I’m laying low “

Circle in 1 minute says Flasher

Circle in 4 minutes say Dicky Knee.

Shut the fuck up says Flasher.

Circle in 1 minute is the immediate response from Dicky!!

8.30 PM on the dot circle is called.

Why are we waiting ?? Why are we waiting?? Echoes through the park… seems Flasher had trouble with the mystery dog collar and chain ????????????????

Tonight’s sponsor is announced as Ferret’s Fumigation Service ( Beds are a specialty) Dutch ovens optional.

First up as usual are the hares…. Arse Up and VD

Moonbeams is asked for his input on the run …… “Sweeping was great and a very interesting run with great markings GM” At times Moonbeams didn’t know if he was heading North, South East or West he says!! ( not bad considering he walked it )

8 out of 10 GM !!! was the score.

Sir Slab commented on the nosh and asked VD if he came in on budget????

OF COURSE !!!!! says VD

Great job !!!! MATE was Sir Slab’s comment … it was noted that NO score out of ten was offered. It should also be noted that the portion control worked a treat with a few lucky hashers even coming back for seconds.

Bent Banana offers a note.

Ferret is busy counting and POTENTIALLY doubting the hash cash’s numbers…. Seems his accounting background sees him have the occasional break out in this direction ……. All is well the count is confirmed at 36.


Nasty ….. Back from China ( AGAIN) and Singapore.

Dumb shit …. Back from Bali.

Moonbeams …… back from his fourth honeymoon.

Pizza …… back from the Paris end of Bundall and his new computer course.

Semen …. Back from the blue waters of the Pacific.

Mumbles …… Back from visiting Rose (great to see you back)

IT WAS NOTED THAT THERE WERE NO PRESENTS FOR THE GM from any of these R/Rs. Pizza offered a dose of some STD he carries but it was politely declined.

Mumbles then finds a need to bring the pack up to speed with what has gone on in his absence ….. Your On Sec will attempt to translate.

“ Mmmmm nnnnn zzz the mmmm zzzz wwww and mmmmm plunger mmmm nnnn zzzzzzz wwwwwww so the mmmmmmmm hhhh nn . Then I mmmmmmmmm www vvnnnnnnnn ppppppppp nnn oooo plunger got mmmm nnn ssssssssss oooooo . So that’s the way it was.”

Swollen offered a note.


Just Stephen quest of Caustic.

Short circuit. (Interhash reporter)

Tidal wave. Moving here.

Mumbles offers a note..

Next up is our illustrious R/A in full regalia.

He enters the circle with an obvious amount of spunk in his stride.

First up are the hares ……. Complimentary bugs in the nosh is the charge.

Seems the R/A is the only one with them …… (must have been standing next to Pizza)

Dicky Knee offers a note.

Latrine is called in for his Harry High Pants …. Standing next to the R/A he still tops his height even with the Papal hat on.

Now Loved is also called for Dress code regulations .. simple answer for the shirt on inside out ……… “the outside is dirty R/A”

Booze Master is in for transferring the Hieneken brewery from Holland to Germany without telling the dutch.

Semen offers a note.

R/A calls for charges ……… NOT ONE comes forward.

POW Rug is up next.

His most favoured are ……

Ferret …….. Seems he feels he could be calling Rug a dumbshit too.

Blowfly …. Pushing in…..in front of the GM.

Pizza ….. Critical of the pasta (nosh)

However he risks breaking Hash rules and gives the POW to a sometimes visitor. Simon from the Hong Kong Hash …….. Better known as Nasty.

The reason for awarding the POW to Nasty…….. Simple !!! “To bring him back next week”

Nasty goes to HOT FAVOURITE to win the POW DD competition….. He drops it in ONE gulp and doesn’t spill a drop. Latrine and Nasty fight out the lead…. Latrine has the timing record however the consumption/spillage level is certainly Nasty’s.

Sir Prince is called for the secret letter comp and confesses to not looking BEFORE it is declared that there wasn’t one this week ….. A DD followes for Sir Prince.

Botcho gives a note.

Trail Master Caustic reminds the pack of the NOT TO BE MISSED Octoberfest next week.

$20 a head for all you can eat and drink with additional entertainment.

DRESS RULES APPLY ……….. Wear something German!!!!

………. Hogan’s Heros springs to mind.

Rumour has it the R/A is coming as a Jewish rabbi.

The V8 Supercar bookie has blamed the “Fuck me the computer crashed” excuse. Real fact is ……. He is holding that much on this one event he cannot lay the bets off anywhere.

Seems there has been a late mail on Semen having some potion he picked up O/S and Cumsmoke has got his hands on it……. Or is that HAND ON IT??

Nasty makes a plea for assistance to take over two runs he is not here for …. Trail master Caustic (how did he get that name ?? ) is quick to note that this is Nasty’s sixth change.

Swollen offers advice on farting on public transport ………. Ferret listens intently!!

Moonbeams calls “END OF CIRCLE”

It’s 9.00 PM on the dot !!!!!!!!

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