Run: 1719
Hare: Swollon Colon & Hierarchy
Location: Biggera waters
Date: 11th Oct, 2010

Well…. some will have seen the On Sec in the blonde wig.
Seems the On Sec had a blonde (or maybe seniors) moment, spent too much time in the kitchen and completely forgot to take notes.

So I will wing it from the foggy memories I have outside of the beautiful water wings on our assistant for the night.

The night started many weeks ago and always promised to be a good one !!
DRESS AND SPEAK GERMAN !!!! were the instructions from trail master Caustic.
Vell zee night vas to be a whole eep of zee fun if za mood and get ups of zee pack vas any inducassshion! Sir AH even has zee original 1939 model !!!! Link has zee lederhosen found in some gay bay in Munich.

Colonel Schultz from zee German short arm regiment assisted by his interpreter Sergeant Hietowzer Frederik Latrine zee turd gave zee pack zee long and zee short of it on zee rrrun.
Zee walkerrrs vill go arooound zee block and zee rrrrrunners will follow zee trail on the shortest hash runn in history yaaa!!!

A record 12 (yes TWELVE) of the pack stayed back at zee brewery to ASSIST the assistant and sample zee booze.

Aussie bottled his own brew to share with zee pack ……ONE DAY !!

Back in record time the pack got their hands on the complimentary beer glasses and the booze flowed freely.

Circle first calls Flasher ….. Dicky Knee is no-where to be seen so Flasher has to call it again and again.

ICE, ICE and more ICE it is obvious the R/A has finally lost control of the weather gods and his is in zee shitenhouser.

Icings are the flavor of the night including ex GM Nasty bare arsed on the ice.

Hitler and Pussy Boy get it for selective attendance and stand on the ice.

FINALLY ………… The R/A gets it and Flasher gives him the ultimate of icings with BOTH feet on the ICE TUB.

POW goes to the “quite one” Pizza who could be talking Italian, German or Swahili and no one would know the difference.

Moonbeams calls end of circle!!

Sir Prince’s German snags, KB’s spuds, Sis AH’s sauerkraut and Link’s Apple strudel are found very popular with the pack and our assistant cleaning up the lot.
It’s now 9 O’clock and the curfew at the brewery is here, thank goodness we are all getting a bit pissy!!!

On zee On yaaa!


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