Run 1739

Run 1739
Hares: Point Two & Dicky Knee
Location: Labrador
Date: 28th February 2011

What will this pair get up too ????
That was the question on the lips of all the GCHHH Pack!!!
The pack gathers in Labrador town and waits with great expectation ……… extraterrestrial influence is observed as “sputnik” runs across the Southern sky.
Mother Brown comes up with the “classic “statement….. “ The Southern cross wasn’t in that position last night!!!!” Hmmmmmmmmmm !!!
Blackie is observed in passionate embrace in the car park and Cumsmoke is having a last minute smoke upholding Hash tradition.
On On on chalk, paper and flour announces Point Two …. Guess we are off into the shiggy boys!!!
A fantastic run unfolded from this point…. the walkers wandered along the runner’s track and somehow got back near the same time as the runners. Great comments on the run echoed as the pack consumed Caustic’s birthday crownies.
A hearty beef stew enough to feed four armies and some fresh bread fed the hungry pack in the shelter of the football club pavilion.
Circle in 2 Minutes echoes from Flasher’s mouth as he prepares to head off tomorrow morning on yet another Hash junket.
8.10 PM Circle is called in the balmy open air beside the pavilion.
THE HARES ……. Dicky Knee and Point Two.
THE RUN …………… Caustic deflected to Mother Brown when asked for a report by Flasher. Caustic gets a smack from Flasher and reports the run very well marked and interesting. Veteran reports it as “EXCELLENT” well marked and everything you want…. “ One of the best runs this year”
THE NOSH …….. Mother Brown is now up …. Still on about the Southern Cross.
Good nosh !!!!! when asked for a score out of 10 he gives it 6.3/10
No dessert ???????? Dicky Knee says “NO correspondence will be entered into. Hmmmmmmmmm ?????
Blackie gives the note.
VISITORS……. Power pole from Cairns dragged along by Pizza. Leaving tomorrow for FNQ to Trinity HHH.
GM Flasher has his own charge ….. seems Dicky Knee wore his birthday cake mixture to bed after his recent birthday…. seems the “Promise” Dicky was on went out the door with Dicky sound asleep in the marital bed with jam, eggs and flour dribbling onto the satin pillows…. Dicky wakes to two poodles delighted with Dicky’s slumber and licking the mixture from Dicky’s face. Seems Dicky thought his luck had changed as he drifted out of the alcoholic slumber only to find it was in fact TWO DOGS ….. Our TWO DOGS says “leave me out of this !!!”
Blowfly offers a note ………. Seems no photos yet ???
R/A is up next
CHARGES……… Caustic ….. Not calling on backs!!!!
Pizza offers to fix this problem as part of his GM election campaign tpolicy statement.
Flatulance gets a charge for having to entertain his RUSSIAN business partner !!!!
Botcho charges the “Northern Alliance”( Point Two Sir Rabbit Circumference Josephine) for not dining with the pack last week…. seems Point Two didn’t have the fuel capacity required to visit the 5 venues anyway. However the 2.5 hours via Noosa to get out of Robina raises a number of questions too.
POW Circumference…………….. No real contenders!!!
Looking for Hash cash as only one hare went free …………
( A NOTE OF CLARITY from the caring hierarchy………..The free hare is a SINGULAR arrangement, it is offered to assist with time involved with the nosh. If you are dual hare’d then it is up to the hashers to work out between themselves how to split it.
Caustic is a contender for POW however finally Circumference argrees to hold over the POW till next week.
Two Dogs gives a report on NASH HASH in Tassie …….. Great food , 800 on the Red Dress run!!! Latrine and the mayor of Hobart made page 3 .. Seems Latrine has always wanted to be a “page 3 girl”
Bent Banana tells stories of lost Hashers bundled into taxis and not knowing where to go ????? Thank goodness for the motel key around our hasher’s neck!! “”Tough life this page 3 stuff !!!!!!!!””
Then the Perth Harriettes came into discussion … not really page 3 material evidently…… however our page 3 girl thought so.
Rockhard was a “Bit sheepish” about his run debacle
Brisbane is the next venue for NASH HASH !!!!
Two Dogs commented on the short circles TOO !!!!
GM Flasher …. says I’m away for two weeks ….. R/A you and the minister for loose ends fix it !!!
Sir Rabbit gives a report on the splinter lunch with ONLY 6 hashers attending…… most regulars away in Tassie!!!! … missed a great steak!!
Two Dogs announces the splinter lunch in Tassie had 20 odd attendees and was VERY GOOD !!!!!
Next week’s run ……. Veteran from Charis bros road works permitting!!
8.45pm ….. END OF CIRCLE!!!!!
Safe travels FLASHER !!!!!!!!

Late mail ………….. GM Flasher has reported FARTING all the way on his flight thanks to the stew … He complained about the size of the seats on Emirates ( Must be bloody small )

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