Run 1738

Run: 1738
Hare: Rock Hard
Location:Azzura Island, Varsity Lakes
Date: 21st February. 2011

A very serious contender for “Debacle of the year” has emerged with this event ( Note .. not run as there was (Almost)none!!!)
Some notes from the diary (In no particular order)…. you decide !!!!!
1. R/A connections failed miserably as the heavens opened with 50 mm of incessant rain.
2. The neighbour to the run site proves to be unreasonable cutting off his porn movie just when the pack was getting aroused!!
3. Rockhard’s 5.30 am run setting is washed away in 2 minutes.
4. The “Diehards” turn up drowned.
5. Rockhard forgets to ring KFC.
6. “Follow me around the lake” is the entire run!!!!.
7. On On !! To the nearest nosh house.
8. After four venues … Los Hombres Varsity Lakes gets the custom of the depleted pack.
9. Northern Alliance go into “Survivor Hash” mode and head to Pizza heaven North Coast at the TOTAL SACRIFICE of hash camaraderie. ……….Alliance rules appear apparent.
10. Point Two is opening a “fuel assistance contribution appeal” amongst the Northern Alliance or any other benevolent group. (tax deductions available)
11. Hash litigation experts are preoccupied with Circumference’s claim and miss the flood subsidy opportunity from this debacle.
12. Serious health issues are raised by Cummagem and GM Flasher puts the boozemaster into medical research involuntarily with further induction of the Mexican Mush.
13. As always the tales flow over the nosh and “Monkey tales” create great mirth among the gathered members.
14. “Who knocked off the Crownies??”
15. 3 X Circles …. Flasher fatigued!!
16. Yellow code…. Cummagen … “A” ……WRONG !!!!! Rug …. “B” …. WRONG !!!!
17. Caustic to the rescue!!!! “W” for owner operator (Wanker) GM gets the prize.
18. One joke of note comes out of the best so far debacle… similarity with KFC and the Fairer S&# ….”Once you have finished with the thighs and wings … all you have is a greasy box!!!” Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Cast your vote !!!!!!

8.43 PM Bent Banana calls …. End of circle !!!!!!
Ps: How did you enjoy the Pizzas at Bonus Bros Sir Rabbit? Post a review on your Nosh!!
On On

One thought on “Run 1738

  1. sircumference

    As the space looks a bit bare, I thought some comments would make it look a little better.

    I haven’t laughed so much for years as the events unfolded last Monday night – it was like the keystone cops revisited driving round and round and round and round Robina and then it got better when Bent Banana advised the park was only a 100
    metres away and told us to follow him and then five kilometres later after driving round and round and round Robina following Bent Banana, he decides to stop in the pouring rain on the roundabout with cars coming from every direction including up our rear and he gives us further directions which leads us back to where we started still only100 metres away. We then stopped the car , got out and walked the 100 metres to the park!

    Then after demolishing a carton of hot crownies , as we couldn’t make up our mind with all the selections for nosh -KFC, Indian, Thai (no one even knew if any of them were open)we went round and round Robina until we finally got off the merry go round and back on the straight road to civilisation and a relaxing evening in the northern suburbs.

    On On

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