February Splinter Lunch..2018

Date: February 2 2018………………………….

Location:Botcho’s Golf Club………………….


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                                                              Chips and dips               Bruschetta
                                                              BBQ Beef on the bone with Mushroom sauce (optional) / Coleslaw / Oven Roasted Baked Potato
                                                              Pavlova with seasonal fruit drizzle
                                                             Titillating views of Royal Helensvale Golf Course
                                                             BYO No Corkage  Discounted Price of  $25 for Cash Only
In a rare week of even more rare events, the annual January Splinter Lunch/Golf Day was held in February. Earlier in the week, we had witnessed a triple lunar event of the moon doing its spectacular thing every 150 years or so. Then from the dark side of the moon, we had ex PM Tony (just vote NO) Abbott welcoming his new sister-in-law to the family after she married his sister.
While the well dressed Sir Botcho prepared the feast before the golfers completed their rounds, the early arrivals were greeted by hash cash extortionists Weekly and Wrongway who prized open the wallets of diners as they arrived. Some of the guests even complained about the reduced price.
The conversation turned to the demise of the F1 grid girls and Meter Maids exclusion at the Comm Games. However all was quickly forgotten when Kristy bounced into the room in a brazen attempt to  reject PC regarding trying to stop working girls from their regular employment.
She quickly grabbed a French horn to announce to all that it was a hands off her day as she was sore due to a rib injury she obtained whilst cavorting on the G link, not to be confused with a cavorting injury to her G spot.
A working bee of tent erectors was organised as the persistent rain fell but nothing was going to stop the amusement and enjoyment of the day. Brief  appearances on the day included Rock Hard and Miscarriage on his way to Brisbane. Others returning and not having been seen at a splinter lunch for awhile included recently married Head Job and Veteran.
Truck Tyres was a late arrival from the clubhouse as he had misplaced his mobile which was later found. The assistant BBQ cook was Sir Prince Valiant, Rug and the maitre de was Hard On. It wasn’t long before a couple of courses had been served to and consumed by almost 50 diners that Sir Botcho organised some down downs for some misdemeanours on the day.
A couple of these down downs were nipple infused by Kristy. The hash paparazzi were quickly out in force to record the presentation of these particular down downs. Prizes for the golfers were presented by Sir Two Dogs with the winning team on the day being Bent Banana, Ferret, Rug and Flasher.
As usual a few Brisbane hashers who had travelled down the M1 and had been on the road since 7 am enjoyed themselves immensely as usual on the day. They announced an upcoming boozy train trip around the Translink metropolitan loops encompassing the Brisbane/Beenleigh/Ipswich lines. Shat has sent a email out about this event.
Stay tuned for the announcement of the venue for the next splinter lunch which will also be held in February,on the last Friday. Another rare event, with two Fridays of fun this month.
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