Run 2101…Hare Ballpoint

Date: 5th February  2018…………………………
Run Pictures……………………………………….


Was Nerang Forest going to live up to its reputation and claim some hashers? What stories would emerge after this run? The mountain looked down on us huddled in the shelter at Tom Rose Park Nerang beckoning us into the forest. Ball Point set hashers off into the bush. I offered to stay and help, but was quickly shown the trail. Truckie and I scrambled along the concrete drain at the edge of the houses, then turned up into the track up the mountain. We saw the runners trail to the right, but kept left on the walkers trail up the track. We had lots to talk about the setting of the Rally route on March 17. We followed the trail, which kept climbing. After about 30 minutes at a junction in the tracks, we saw the runners emerging from another track. They seemed lost, and they were checking everywhere. A group of us decided to return down the same track we had just climbed. Sweat Hog was ahead and checked every possibility for the trail back home. We knew the shelter was just south of us, and it was getting dark. Finally Sweat Hog found the trail, actually not far from the junction where the walkers and runners parted. It was not easy to spot. The on-home trail zigged and zagged through the forest, then we could hear voices back at the shelter. Not everyone was back yet. We had been out over an hour, but the last hashes returned half an hour later.


Ball Point had a platter with biscuit and sliced BBQed sausages. He was busy stirring a huge pot. He later called hashers to line up and served chicken cacciatore with mushrooms, baked potato and slices of French loaf. Dessert followed, orange cake topped with chocolate and cream ganache.


GM called the circle. Ball Point strode into the middle. Sir Two Dogs gave a scathing report saying that without modern technology, they would not be able to get back. Sweat Hog commented on his frustration at not finding trail. He said the walkers did more than the runners. Shat commented on the meal. STD gave a note.


Ball Point came back into the circle for his birthday drink, note by Miscarriage.


Visiting hasher was WeeWe from Mackay Hash, HalAl gave a note.


Fanny was brought in for wearing fancy new pink shoes, and had his down down from one of them.


GM called Shat and asked if he was Peter Foster, and if he was up to his old tricks selling slimming tea. Weekly gave a note.


Now Loved claimed a lost plate.


Fanny was called in to explain how Chrissie broke three ribs trying to pole dance on the tram, however, it was not him that walked Chrissie home, it was KB.


There was some talk about fingers in pussies, when Poxy exclaimed “2 in the pink and one in the stink”


Stand-in RA was Missing Link. He had no charges, but had a couple of jokes.


GM called POW Miscarriage into the circle. He called out:-

  • FuckAll for knocking over his beer
  • Ball Point for the trail fuck up
  • Not mentioning any name, a hasher who offered to take him back to Miami to collect his bike
  • Bent Banana for extending the Theme Park protest meeting to the late hours.


Bent Banana got the POW.


Weekly begged for the return of the golf trophy which had disappeared after the Friday lunch.


Hard On was thanked for sweeping horse shit out of the shelter, maybe a new committee job?


Miscarriage announced the memorial lunch on Sunday for Show Pony and Moonbeams, be there by 1:00 pm


Brewtus called end of circle.


Remember to use [email protected] if you have a story for RA, and register for the Rally on 17 March, maybe an Irish Theme?


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