Hash Bike Ride…Hares:Hierarchy

Hash Bike Ride

Run: Hash Bike Ride


Location: Pizzy Park

Hares: Hierarchy


This year’s ride had it all, from watching Hashers doing their best to erect the shade tents to Weekly banging into the first bollard and taking a tumble and leaving claret all over his freshly ironed Hash Shirt.

The fall of the day must go to Botcho. But I must be honest! It was not his fault. He was pushed off his bike by a little old lady and her zimmer frame. He took a real tumble finishing up with his arm lodged securely between the uprights of a security fence. Caustic came to his rescue and his arm was removed.

No major damage to speak about just his pride after he had been told that he had just passed the test by taking a spill and was now a fully fledged member of the Hash Wobblies.

On our return the stay behinds had refreshing ales and a gourmet lunch prepared… Well done ladies.

Chatter and beers followed until The Grand Master Rock Hard called time. Then the fun really started. The shade tents had to be lowered, what a debacle.

Then it was On On to the Slabs for gourmet nibbles and red wines.

Another fun day was had by all that attended. Many thanks must go to the Hares, the cooks and the Slabs. Well done.

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