Run 1678

Run Number :   1678
Hare :               Jigsaw
Location :            BENOWA
Date :               28 December 2009

The post Christmas run commenced with a number of festive bellies loitering around the home of virgin hare Jigsaw. With the hounds gathered by Trail Master Botcho, the group was given final instructions and sent dashing through the streets of Benowa with a much anticipated drink stop included in the run.

The run was a good solid street run with a centre park portion towards the end. Run reports declared the run well marked and a great stretch, however with only 6 hounds making the drink stop a thirsty pack arrived back to demolish the first round of refreshments.

A cooling swim was enjoyed by most. Ferret decided to rock the cart by continually bombing hounds from the edge of the pool.

First home was Blackie’s son, followed closely by Blackie. However rather than retiring both hounds turned around and did the course again on bikes – the backyard pool was ready for the swim leg upon their return.

Nosh commenced with various Christmas nuts and nibbles, followed by Dutch Veal Meat Balls (Bitter Balls) and a satay dipping sauce. Main fare was a pesto pasta with bacon and chicken and fresh bread followed by a dessert of apple slice, ice-cream and custard. A great filling nosh with many going back for seconds.

To conclude proceedings circle was called by the GM. A record has now been set for circle time of 1 hour and 12 mins. Mumbles told great war stories of deepest darkest Africa and his own bitter balls. Charges abound and down downs hit hard. Pizza made a declaration of feeling comfortable at the front of circle and will again run a campaign for GM at the next AGPU.

Circle continued with our own Environmental Report tabled by Caustic Crusader (a Chemical Engineer – you workout the connection) was tabled with reports of in excess of 100 Rudd delegated attending the conference in Copenhagen. At the Australian speech only 25 attendees listened. Maybe they had not used international markings and most lost trail – or followed Flasher.

The POW award was passed by the Rat Pack to Roger Me On The Rug for no reason other than never been seen in the circle in recent memory.

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