Run 1679

Run Number : 1679
Hare : Aussie
Location : Norm Rix Park,Whiting Street
Date : 4 January 2010

Dissenting into the darkened bowls of Labrador a larger than anticipated pack assembled at the front on the designated area for what promised to be a top night of Aussie Hashing. With the air thick of enthusiasm and two police officers at the opposite side of the park Swollen Colin set off two fire crackers under Cum Smokes Car mentally disabling our revered Grand Master. As the number gathered Aussie could be heard muttering “At least there will be enough nosh for one sausage each”.

At the call of Trail Master Botcho the hounds gathered for Hare Aussie’s instructions. The run was set on white, pink, green and blue chalk. As the bad weather required the re-setting of the run final instructions are to be spewed to the hounds. If you are on white chalk you are most likely off trail, just follow the guy in front and hope he is on trail. And off the pack was sent. Within 25 meters the run descended into a debacle.

The run twisted turned and generally seemed the hare setting the run was off-trail. As the numbers staggered back to the On only two hounds completed the full course in a time of 1.75 hours in Old Fart and Rug.

Upon returning the Hash Cash made a very civilised effort to greet all runners and control incoming funds with a friendly smile and small interview before moving to the next hasher.

The On was set for more fashionable hash debacle as the beer ran low and the Hare was no where to be found. Two hounds could not handle the suspense any longer and elected for Chinese nosh from a local eatery. Mumbles declared the sausages a winner as a starter and was disappointed he was not afforded a second helping prior to main fare.

Main fare was a red curry with rice and enjoyed by the entire group. Thanks to Kitchen Bitch’s portion control there was enough to go round the hungry pack. Dessert quickly followed with chocolate ripple cake, the Hare exclaiming this new dessert is unsurpassed.

Circle commenced in a disorderly fashion with the Hare receiving the first down-down. Kitchen Bitched charged Swollen for GM abuse following the car/cracker incident at arrival and received a down-down. Kitchen Bitch was most proud that after 723 charges – one finally got up and was sustained. Next was Rug the current incumbent of the POW. With German efficiency the POW was passed to Pizza. Pizza was delighted as he can now confidently pencil in next weeks run as an attendance.

Cum Smoke charged the entire pack under Mother Hash rule 16a – The hare is required to set the run, provide refreshments and cigarettes for the pack upon return. Accordingly each Hasher now owes Cum Smoke a carton of smokes. For pointing this out Cum Smoke received a down-down. Aussie interjected and quickly joined for a down-down with his new shoes. Unfortunately our former GM ran foul of his own rules and received a second down-down for hat wearing in the circle.

Next was a number of visitors each recognised with a down-down. Further down-downs were distributed to Kitchen Bitch and Testicles for urinating in the circle.

A final charge for the evening was laid by Caustic Crusader against Point Two. Although the charge was denied and Caustic Crusader was shaken down by two down-downs he did establish that Point Two, following resignation from hierarchy, is no longer under protection from circle.

As circle drew to a close the pack gathered for a grand finale of fire works. Luckily most had only expired in 2003 and remain quite usable.

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