Run 1685

Run 1685
Hare: Goatfarka & Cumagen
Location: Coombabah
Date: 15th February, 2010

After the run, the scene in Goat Farka’s pool resembled that of a Roman bath.Erudite senators discussing important events in their budgie smugglers. Moonbeams thought Sir Rabbit looked like Claudius draped in his towel/toga. Cum Agen served a big entrée of un-goat like spicy chicken wings and drumsticks that added to the bacchanalian atmosphere.

Meanwhile co-hare Goat Farka was out looking for a missing Flasher and the nosh was delayed .Finally Flasher emerged declaring “it was a very short run” and the pack broke into spontaneous song about his general uselessness. Due to his ambiguous answers it remains unclear whether he went off trail. Some time later the search party comprising the Grand Master, Botcho and Goat Farka returned.

The nosh was a delicious and tender goat casserole with mashed potato and cabbage. Between mouthfuls Blowfly and Veteran commented how good it was. Goat Farka’s prey came from a property near Tenterfield and there is no truth in the rumour that it was roadkill. The meal was completed with desert of ice-cream, honeycomb and m and m’s.
Minister for Loose Thoughts and assistant Grand Master, Sir Prince, called the circle and the co-hares were first on the agenda. They admitted to “colsultancy services” from Two Dogs. Missing Link thought the run was “very good, quite adequate for a virgin run “and Sir Slab  thought it was “pertinent to the night “whilst the GM expressed his approval. Aussie acted as sweeper and gave the note for the Down Down.
The nosh pulled excellent reviews so the hares had another DD.

Girls made a surprise return and Sir Prince explained he was “down to his last yacht” and couldn’t afford to come to hash.

The GM called for Prick of the Week and asked Jigsaw if he had read the manual on picking an appropriate candidate. Jigsaw replied he had had legal advice from Cum Smoke and felt better prepared. His candidates were Missing Link for potentially giving him dodgy advice about Bangkok, half the hash for being short cutting bastards and Rock Hard for casting dispersions as to somebody’s height. However it was no surprise he gave it to Flasher for keeping the pack waiting for their nosh. The GM said K Rudd was standing by Peter Garrett but he would not be standing by Flasher. He did however ignore the howls from the pack for an icing!

Sir Prince said Flasher had joined a body building gym and Cum Smoke quipped “he’s working up to looking like a 14 yr old girl “Botcho offered the general advice that if in doubt on a run don’t go the same direction as Flasher, which gave Mumbles the opportunity to blame Flasher for his Nerang State Forest debacle!
Rock Hard gave a description of the goings on of the Hammersley hash which was basically that they did a lot of talking and it would be ideal for Pizza and Latrine. He also said he enjoyed the Fremantle mixed hash.
Returning runner, Show Pony was given a DD and said he had been in “salt rehab”. He also threatened that he had frozen the leftovers of his last nosh to be served at his next run. (it might be more edible frozen!) Rock Hard also received a DD for 150 runs.

Miscarriage charged Sir Prince with being absent from home on Valentines day and later turning up in his Valiant for nostalgic purposes. The GM said “what she used to do in the Valiant she won’t do any more so he has to do it on his own”.

Blow Fly announced that Maggs was very happy with his new car from hash finances and had left for Nerandara and thus Blow Fly was now in the big bed.

Next weeks run is Josephine to expect great hamburgers and a clever run.

Muchos Gracias to the amigos Goat Farka and Cum Agen for a top evening.

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