Run 1684

Run 1684
Hare: BB
Location: Ashmore
Date: 8th February, 2010

BB invited the Hash to his house in Ashmore which was probably more convenient for most than his house in Vientiane, although not as exotic. However, the delicious nosh of Lao style larb, seafood Tom Yung with rice and desert of sago, sweet potato and coconut  milk (called Nam Whan)transported all to those far away Mekong river shores.

Our beloved  Grand Master, Nasty, called the circle with the assistance of “town crier” Goat Farka and immediately mused on life after being GM and received some counselling from Aussie .Inexplicably BB gave himself an icing using a poor excuse for a piece of ice. This may have been due to the new regulation(as everybody knows there are no rules in hash except rule #1 which states” NO POOFTERS”)which dictates that the  hare will spend one minute on the ice for every minute his run is over the hour.

The GM declared it an excellent run, as was generally agreed, although Cum Smoke was disappointed he had to run past his ex-wife’s house in contravention of a domestic violence order and a potential fine, community service order and trip to the Magistrate.

Still in the circle BB called out his Co-hare Tik Tok, who was happy we liked the food, but was probably lucky she missed Caustic Crusader’s quip about the Hare and the Hareless (especially for Caustic).Our honourable hosts received a Down Down following a very Italian note from Pizza. Tik Tok made a little speech in Lao and thanked Ay(Mrs. Seamen)for her assistance with the nosh.

In the tradition of the canary yellow “Italian Stallion” boxers dressing gown Sir Prince presented Pizza with a t-shirt that said ”if you like my meatballs you’ll love my sausage”. This prompted Pizza to tell a terrible joke about a shearing team and a Chinese cook for which he received a DD. Moonbeams pulled a laugh though when he claimed Pizza “still called Australia Rome”.

Jigsaw was called out for the Prick of the Week segment and immediately focused on Cum Smoke as a likely recipient for only writing half a page of words as On Sec’s little helper but mostly for being a general camera hog. However the evidence he produced, although creative, was deemed dubious by the GM and refused. Jigsaw then tried to give it to Tik Tok as she took lots of photos and showed a satirical interest in the prick but this was also disallowed Aussie actually volunteered to take it to move things along but the GM decreed Jigsaw must keep it for another week .

Assistant GM and Minister for Loose Associations,Sir Prince,called out returning runner Arse Up(Bali,W.A.)who was joined in a DD by BB for attaining 300 runs. As it was his house, his run and he probably would have done it anyway BB launched into song in honour of Maggs, who was showing his legendary self discipline and not drinking .As Maggs is soon moving to south west NSW to build yet another empire(and probably start another Hash)he passed on the Richard Cranium award (a rubber chook that has it’s mystical origins in the recent Burma trip)to Missing Link in his role as Minister for Cultural Affairs for use in upcoming sojourns. Maggs received a “hash goodbye’ and we will all miss possibly our greatest ever Booze Master .Luckily we still have the excellent skills of Blowfly to call on.

Miscarriage charged that last week Point Two’s birthday had been overlooked which gave BB an excuse to sing again(in excellent voice )in  honour  of Point Two.

Goat Farka announced that at his run next week goat would indeed be served and Cum Agen said he was bringing some music from someone he was related to.(can I hear Banjos?)

On that note the GM closed the circle.

Thanks to BB and Tik Tok for a big effort and a pleasant and amusing evening.

Thanks also to Cum Smoke for filling in last week and to Rug for his endeavours some weeks ago.

Now Loved.
On Sec.

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