Run 1687

Run 1687
Hare: Moonbeams & Missing Link
Location: Velodrome, Nerang
Date: 1st March, 2010

“Rain made the run, kept the adrenalin going” said Bent Banana, a veteran of many such wild,wet and tropical runs in other places. Another veteran of rain, usually of a much lower temperature, Pommy, was pumped and remarked “through the mist, brilliant”as was Cum Agen who was impressed that “only one on back(was) washed out”. Blowfly was also happy saying “a good run, nice and wet, good for a change”whilst Two Dogs was incredulous that the adventurous pack had only run a third of the original distance as stated by the co-hairs in their preamble.

Such was the scene at the run of the M and M’s, Missing Link and Moonbeams. Link led the foaming pack out into the sheet raining dark abyss whilst your scribe and Sir A.H. stayed behind to marvel at the food preparation skills of Moonbeams. In their wisdom the hares had chosen an On On site with plenty of cover.

All woks were firing until it was noticed that one was beginning to melt into the plastic table. Crisis was averted and the fire brigade were not called, as opposed to a run in the same area some time ago. The hares served a hearty stir fry, groaning with ingredients, and an authentic tasting desert of tapioca and lychees. You can take these boys out of Asia but can you take the Asia out of the boys?

The Grand Master called a circle with a head count of 21. On request Sir Rabbit said he enjoyed the run although it was not good for the fur and was unimpressed that Link called him through the creek only to call him back again. Josephine just liked being back in the forest “rain or no rain” and Blackstump was stoked, Pussy Boy got momentarily lost and Mumbles led the pack down the wrong road with no torch but still claimed to have saved the day.

Reviews of the nosh included Two Dogs “beautiful” and Blackie who thought the tapioca looked like spoof but declined to provide a sample next week for a comparison test. The general consensus was that it was very good. For providing an excellent run and nosh the hares enjoyed a Down Down.

In other developments Sir Rabbit reported his child care centre was going well and Cum Smoke, acting on inside information from show business legal circles, charged Hitler with being an extra on Sea Patrol, which was not denied. Hitler provided his best desperado tough guy look. Josephine returned to Bent Banana his undies and shorts!! Moonbeans said he was going on a trip to visit 2 previous GM’s, Maggs and the founder of the Gold Coast Hash who is named the Elusive Illusion. The GM sent Moonbeams off with a hymn.

The GM, Nasty, announced that tomorrow was his 25th anniversary and received the appropriate commiserations. He awarded himself a DD and one also to Mumbles for being married for 54 years and finishing active service in 1957!

Congratulations to Moonbeams and Missing Link for a brilliant evening produced under great duress. Thanks also to Show Pony for providing transport.

Thanks to Cum Smoke for filling in whilst your scribe was assisting in 1770 with the terrible mud crab plague they are experiencing.

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