Run 1688

Run 1688
Hare: Stubby & Cumsmoke
Location:  Wyangan Valley Way, Mudgeeraba
Date: 8th March, 2010

Our beloved Grand Master called what was a very ragged circle on the porch area of Stubbie’s pad. Once he had organized the “cheeky bastards”at the back the hares, Stubbie and Cum Smoke, were called out and Cum Smoke was blamed for setting a long false trail. Blackie thought it ‘a shit of a run’ mostly because he was reccing the same area for  the future. Now he is threatening to set a run which may involve a swim leg in the Nerang River . Botcho thought there could have been a few more checks but overall ‘a good run’and somebody mentioned it was a nice touch to have the hash anthem playing as the pack assembled.

On the nosh front the GM asked those hashmen whose origins were in the old dart whether we had been dining on cottage or shepherds pie. Whilst a consensus was not reached it was a bloody good feed and everybody had multiple helpings. Judging by Stubbie’s little helpers he could possibly be accused of insourcing. New member “Aussie” HP gave the nosh 8/10 and the GM gave the hares a down down.

The GM told incumbent Prick of the week, Dickie Knee, to “frock up”and moved on to Rug who announced that, despite the odds, he has been granted permanent residency (probably due to his clever phone throwing wife) and must leave the country to come back again to complete the process .When filling in the form Rug answered the “do you have a criminal record ”question with” I didn’t know you still needed one”

New hashmen/visitors were called into the circle .HP had been in Hong Kong and now is a “consultant” with the council and Trev, it was claimed, was brought along by Hitler. Joining them in a DD were returning runners Sir Slab(skiing), Flatulance (work)and Tight Arse(no excuse offered).

Botcho was recognized by the GM for his mighty contribution to the hash as Trail master and hash Cash and tonight as fill in Hash Flash.

After being in regalia for the appropriate amount of time the POW was called for and the ever shrinking  Dickie Knee(he has lost 14.5 kilos with a target of 25)said the prime candidate goes back to the last splinter lunch where Crocodile was the co-host in a supposed aquatic affair .Not only did Croc not turn up with his boat, he didn’t turn up at all to the emergency venue at Cav’s. However, Croc was saved by Flatulance, who had accepted a lift in the GM’s car leaving Dickie knee to keep walking.

On prompting from the GM Old Fart told the circle that one of his sons had been invested into the senior scouts and that he (Old Fart)had recently been on a scouting “leaderphile”(his words) camp and received the award for best fart.

Hitler then launched into a barrage of charges that involved the “younger” front runners not calling and the fact that it was Pussy Boy who was responsible for introducing Trev to hash. Trev and Pussy Boy enjoyed a DD.

Cum smoke offered the news he been to Sexpo where he saw lots of tits and dildos.

Blackie conveyed news that Mad Mike had fallen off a retaining wall and cracked a few ribs. Get well Mad Mike!

Throughout the circle Sir Rabbit was quietly standing at the back (can a circle have a back?) and contemplating the absence of Sir Prince. Is a twist to the Hare and the Tortoise he may be creeping towards the run ascendency.

Next weeks run is Pommy assisted by that man again, Botcho at “the back of Pacific Pines”. Aussie was heard to muse that means Canungra!

Thanks to Stubbie and Cum Smoke for another great hash night.

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