Run 1690

Run 1690
Hare: Crocodile & Flatulence
Location: Wetlands, Coombabah
Date: 22th March, 2010

Josephine thought the checks were “confusion” points and, not holding back, went on to say “Sydney posh hash markings, should be Gold Coast markings, we’ve had some beautiful runs in this area and somebody had to go and fuck it up. I lost my shoe in the shiggy, otherwise a good run”.Acting Grand Master and Minister for Loose Change,Sir Prince,then inquired of Goat Farka what he thought of the nosh and received” sensational, barred up over it” The co-hares enjoyed a Down Down.

Moving right along the Prick of the Week was called for and Missing Link immediately passed it to Cum Smoke for laughing at him at some point and being “the perennial pest and the GM’s bumboy.”

The prevalence of mosquitos  inspired Sir Prince to tell the story of a hashman called China who put a band-aid on the end of his dick and sprayed it with fly spray in an attempt to control a case of crabs. On the same the theme Black Stump told of a Dettol and Vaseline incident which sounded quite excruciating.

Show Pony declared he was not a returning runner and Sir Prince recalled his recent trip to London which sometimes got to a balmy 5 degrees and where he attended the campaign for real ale and from the 150 beers on offer partook of “Goat Leap”and “Trashy Blonde’ amongst others.

Botcho gave a report on the upcoming wine trail extravaganza which has been well researched and is shaping up to be a great day out. Those not on the bus will, well,  miss the bus.

Goat Farka charged himself for following Flasher on the run and whilst enjoying his DD announced he would be going to Indo-China for 3 months with his wife. Shat commented ”That’s like taking a monkey to the zoo”

Old Fart assured the circle that there would be plenty of spuds at next weeks run, no hills and free crownies to mark his fiftieth.

As  convenor  of this months Splinter lunch Circumference said he had chosen a Pizza/pasta joint run by Afghanis for the purposes of “assimilation” Talk of food reminded Sir Prince that he had taken his own birthday cake to a restaurant in London and was charged 8 pounds per person “cakeage”.

At this point a helicopter flew over and Two Dogs thought it was searching for a lost hashman.

By popular acclaim Sir Prince had a DD for a recent birthday as did Rug for coming up with a rather contrived hypothetical. Botcho solved the one posed by Aussie last week.

And that was the end of the circle.

Thanks to Crocodile and Flatulence for a long run in great country and an excellent nosh. Commiserations to those hashers who missed the plating up.

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