Run 1689

Run 1689
Hare: Pommy & Botcho
Location: State Forest. Pacific Pines
Date: 15th March, 2010

Scene: A pleasant park and barbeque area in a newly developed suburb. Pommy is attending to his pots over gas rings and  the aroma emanating augers well for a tasty meal. From out of the darkness the front runners burst on to the tranquil scene. Flasher, Blowfly,Blackie,Goat Farka Sir Slab and Bent Banana look pleased with themselves. When interviewed Banana said “bloody big hill, went 2 k’s no check, Blackie fell over a couple of times, hare had bad habit of calling us the wrong way otherwise a good run.”Blackie offered “Botcho sent front runners the wrong way, six of us”and Aussie reported that there were “short cutting bastards everywhere, a fucking good run”All runners appeared to have put in a good effort and were quite happy.

After cooling down and a few drinks the pack were served delicious kebab style sausages with a tsaziki dressing followed by a delicious chicken curry with a lingering lemongrass taste.

Just before the meal Old Fart appeared in his full scout leaders uniform and the Grand Master considered adopting a scarf and woggle as part of his regalia.

In a theatrical moment Cum Smoke introduced the GM and at his behest Goat Farka called the circle to order. The co-hares, Pommy and Botcho, were called out and the GM congratulated them on the run and Botcho recalled a time when Aussie had set a run in this location and there were no houses. Link said the nosh was “absolutely brilliant”and the GM and Aussie agreed. The hares enjoyed a Down Down as did Goat Farka for singing and dancing during the run. Goatie is working on a new hash song. Caustic Crusader was also a recipient for declining to say something about the GM and Missing Link also enjoyed a DD for being “a cheeky bastard”.

Visitors included Mother Brown from Surrey (another “soap dodger”according to somebody in the circle) and Ajay who is travelling the world at the tender age of 18. Returning runners Flasher and Girls joined the visitors in a DD. Flasher refused to talk about going to a girlie boy bar in the Philippines.

As assistant GM ,Botcho called out Sir Rabbit for offering to do a St.Patrick’s day run but then withdrawing due to the crèche being too busy. Whilst Sir Rabbit enjoyed his DD Aussie reminded the circle of “one sir”rule.

As the Incumbent Prick of the Week, Flatulence said he had several contenders including Old Fart for scout gear but settled on Link for abusing him in the Hash Cash line.

In another round of DD’s Cum Smoke enjoyed one for calling the GM when he was drunk and Point Two for achieving 950 runs. Well done Point Two! Showpony and Link were recognized as birthday boys. Moonbeams retold the joke about the 3 legged chicken and Now Loved failed miserably in telling a true story about a kid ,a dog, an airport and a fire crew. Aussie concluded proceedings with a hypothetical that had everyone stumped.

Next weeks run is Crocodile at the western or is it wet end of Coombabah.

Thanks to Pommy and Botcho for a good run, an impressive nosh and an excellent choice of venue.

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