Run 1691

Run 1691
Hare: Old Fart & Pommy
Location: Old Fart’s Pad. Pacific Pines
Date: 29th March, 2010

Just Mowing the GM’s lawn. Check back!!
Just finished Botcho

A healthy number of hounds arrived at Old Farts for the traditional Old Fart Birthday run. A run that always promises no hills or elevations. As the pack proceeded in to the evening Pommy, as co-hare, swept the pack ensuring the group stayed together. It appears Pommy, is now a serial run setter having set some 32 run this year alone.

The run zigzagged around the Pac Pines estates and kept the pack on a single side of the M1, until the final leg found the pack crossing to Helensvale Shopping Centre and circling back under the M1 to the On On.

Following nosh the GM called circle.

Aussie with his pants tucked up to his ribs provided a run report ticking all the boxes for plenty of false trails, good mix of bush, very scenic views over the M1 bridge, well swept and kept the pack together. Aussie acknowledged great nosh with large servings of lasagna sided with fresh potato salad and green salads. All in all Aussie gave the evening a well deserved thumbs up.

Sir Prince informed the pack that Black Stump was in Bathurst racing his Porsche with one eye………..

Botcho is becoming increasingly worried about the schedule set for the wine trail. Prior arrangements to reco the trail with Flasher had fallen through late on Sunday with Flasher withdrawing due to sore nipples.

Returning runners – Awarded Down Downs

Swollen Collen – work commitments;

Ferrett – travelling;

Arse-Up – work commitments;

Loco – visiting runner from Sydney Posh via Noosa;

HP – completed GCCC contract and returning to Hong Kong

Flasher announced to the pack he would, from this point forward, like to be referred to as the “Hash Princess”.

Further down downs awarded to –

Cum Again – GM abuse for nearly drowning our GM on the run;

Caustic Crusader – The rat pack is diminishing with rumors they are eating their young. Kitchen Bitch has been reported as having dumped hash to take the role of Navel Seaman Examiner at the fishing club; Caustic advises he is simple fluffing pillows;
Croc – poor run setting skills and lack of preparation in evening nosh. With the swelling numbers of late Croc found he was unable to cater to 21 runners. Croc was lucky to escape an icing with the majority of runners returning some 90 minuets into a short run.

Swollen Collen – gave a long story about going for a run with the Warnambool Hash??????
Ferrett – running with the Lion City Hash in Singapore;
Old Fart – for the big 50th;

Following as number of interruptions the GM had 4 attempts and finally succeeded in closing the circle.

Next weeks run:
Hare: Flatulence
Location: Paradise Point

Notice: The next run is a public holiday run – a start time of 5.00pm

On On


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