Run 1992

Run 1692
Hare: Flatulence
Location: Paradise Point
Date: 5th April, 2010

Following the celebrations of the Easter long weekend, a smaller than usual number of hounds assembled at the earlier time of 5pm in a park to the west of Paradise Point Shopping Centre. The evening commenced well with a number of hounds arriving at the last minute, most notably the Northern Alliance. Cum Smoke had forgotten the POW for the third week running and mast a last minute ditch to fetch this most prestigious award accompanied by Circumference who had left his running shoes on the letterbox at home.

Following the run the hounds gathered for refreshments and Cum Smoke arrived with the POW and the hash dog. Following nosh circle was quickly called in order to maintain an early end to the evening.

Run reports stated the run was not bad. With Flasher providing his own run report for his own run over to Sovereign Island to check the activities of the Russian Mafia, unfortunately with it being Easter the mafia had closed for trade over the long weekend.

Nosh was enjoyed by all of a mild and hot curry with rice followed by fruit and ice-cream. Even some of our more enduring curry consumers had a worried look in the eye as they pondered the after effects of this concoction.

Circle was called in a timely fashion with first attention drawn to Flasher for heartedly consuming the GM’s wine. With the first incumbents drawn to the circle being hare Flatulence and co-hare Croc both were awarded down-downs. Next was visitors, returning and departing runners – Rock Hard – now known as Soft Cock on the other side of the country. Makes you wonder on the east coast we have a pull, on the West Coast do they have a push?? Inferno – had to turn up as the run went via his house and the risk of hashers turning up unannounced for a drink stop was to high, and Goat Farker who is travelling through Asia for the next three months.

It has been announced that Rug has made it back into the country as a resident, obviously immigration does not read there mail. However the status is only residency so there is hope immigration may in time get to the mail bag.

POW was handed by Cum Smoke and awarded to Veteran, for no other reason than never having been seen in the circle prior.

Circle was drawn to a close with Sir Prince leading the choir in a hymn for the recently departed One-Ball.

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