Run 1710

Run: 1710
Hare: Rock Hard & Sir Rabbit
Location: Nerang
Date: 9th August, 2010

The pack gathered ready for a run knowing full well this was sure to be into the dark back blocks of the Nerang state forest. A few questioned flew through the heads of the GCHHH as they waited, will the R/A’s powers be tested with such a bad weather forecast, also “where the fuck” are the booze masters?? Hares Sir Rabbit and Rockhard promise a great run and NO-ONE will go hungry tonight.
The pack charged off into the darkness over the latest innovation in hash trail setting …………………..
Microscopic arrows >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Seems Jigsaw has been holding quiet lessons in arrow sizes and placement. The FRBs get completely lost at the half way point and it is only the glow of the bike track that guides the wayward pack back to the nosh area. Sir Prince and Sir Rabbit get ambushed by a yowie and call for new kimbies.

Back at the nosh area!!!!!!!

Where the fuck are the boozemasters ???????????

Frantic phone calls go out and it revealed the booze masters have been on the piss at the brewery and on the way with the Mr Whippy brew and the GCHHH new Keg Gig equipment.

A SPECIAL NOTE OF THANKS to Pizza who has donated on permanent loan the SEVEN kegs required to stock our brews ………. That’s $560.00 worth of savings. Thanks heaps Pizza.

Nibbles are served and Sir Rabbit proudly advises Aldi has had some great $1 bargains.

The statement by Sir Rabbit proves to be totally accurate the nosh has NO portion control and the hearty beef curry is dished out in huge portions.

Saved by the bell the booze masters arrive and show living proof of “don’t fuck with the gas pressure” …………. The final result gets the nod from all with great comments on the new Keg Gig booze set up. Seems the Booze Masters give it the vote too.

8.28 GM Flasher calls circle and the R/A’s powers immediately fail ……….. Seems he may have almighty powers but he cannot control the human intervention with the flood lights that go out at the very second Flasher calls “circle”
The Hares are first up as usual ………… Sir Rabbit and Rockhard.

Rectum gets the job of trail report……… Micro arrows!!!!!! Seems he went via the hospital to the nosh. Even the skills of FRB Rectum failed on the micro arrows. Rockhard takes the comments to heart and responds with very humble “fuck off” you winging prick.

Bent Banana comments on the nosh calling it a “meaty curry” very tasty and gives it 8/10 seems Sir Rabbits secret herbs and spices are all handmade ….. Aussie wants to know how he makes the “comin”

Missing Link gives the hares a note !!!!!!
KB gets called into circle …….. seems the GM has retracted his demand for spell check closure and protests about misspelling Flazzher. KB gets to pick a proxy DD and the obvious choice is Aussie.
Aussie gets a DD and a further “D” on his dunce’s hat!!

GM Flasher announces a VERY IMPORTANT point for hashers to NOTE ……. There will be a yellow card in the photos or the hash trash each week to check if members have read or viewed them. The penalty for not knowing the code for the week ………. Icing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goat Farka announces a pending move to Cairns and mix with fucking up the booze is called to circle, his backchat to GM sees him instantly ordered to “all fours” Caustic is called in and the pipe of H#@$%&*%$# is applied ……… Caustic seems to enjoy the experience and gets flushed with excitement (see photos) Goat Farka goes to jerk off the appendage between Caustic’s legs and promptly snaps the end off it !!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm (rule one ??????)

Ice him !!!!!!!!!!!!! Follows the act of GM tool abuse …… so now Goat Farka is on the executive seats with the last parcel of ice firmly tucked under his crack. Bent Banana is called on the offer a “hash prayer” at the threat of a DD if not ……… Bent Banana does a great job on Mr Bangles and missed the DD.

The R/A is called …………..
Goat Farka is let off the ice.

KB and Goat Farka are called to circle and an AMAZING MOMENT of shyness overcomes the R/A who discharges the pair without penalty and announces he has NO material………… The fact is he did have dobbed info but had looked to the heavens and could see his arse was heading to the ice if that cloud dumped its guts on the pack ……(Which it did 3 minutes into the trip home and hasn’t stopped yet) Amazing powers of the R/A.

Charges are called for ………….
It backfires on the R/A who gets a DD and Rug gives a note.
The R/A is straight back in with the dog food stash of half a plate of Sir Rabbit’s stew sitting in the R/As dish………. Seems his excuse was two ham and egg rolls at 4.30 pm GM votes the R/A guilty as charged and a DD followed.

Josephine is called to circle to be presented with the freshly hashed 700 run flak jacket.

Sir Slab is asked to give a note ………. WITH PLEASURE GM was the response.

Well done Josephine !!!!!!!!!!!

POW Bung announces he only has one suspect ……. Botcho !!!! Seems a secret e-mail on photo paparazzi has leaked back to Bung.

Botcho immediately does a dash to the Botcho Machine to produce the first “Gold Card” let off claim.

Then Botcho completely fucks up the use of the card when Bung hands the choice back to GM

Flasher to choose another POW …….

Botcho steps up to cop the POW anyway and says goodbye to his treasured Gold Card too. Seems asking the pack to get it back was met with “fuck off” sympathetic responses (sharing and caring lot)

Botcho sets a new record for the POW yard glass with no less than SEVEN gulps to finish it.

Sir AH calls for numbers for the Great Spit Bike Ride………. E-mail Sir AH please.

Sir Slab gets a leaving DD …. He has saved up his pension monies and is off to share a backpackers in the humble town of Thredbo Village for the next three weeks.

8.58PM Circle closed.

Booze masters last to arrive and last to leave…….. Thanks guys!!!!!!!!
3 Minutes later it pissed down raining and STILL is !!!!!!!!!!!!
PS …….. Don’t forget the yellow card code !!!!!!!!!!!
On On!

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